Master Your Life with a One Year Life Changing Intensive

Master Your Emotions ~ Master Your Life

Your one year life changing mastery journey will start will all the powerful processes and guidance that the 13 Week Emotional Mastery Intensive, so that you are crystal clear on what you are going to bring into your life and laser focused on getting it. The best part? You will remember how to enjoy every step of the way, finding fun in the challenges and easily turning obstacles into opportunities.


You may be one of the super elite who knows that creating the right mindset and thought processes is how you create the lifelong habits that will result in lasting change by. The super successful and those most happy in life, know how to think in the empowered way you will learn to think. YOU are committed to laying down a solid foundation by getting that unstoppable mindset that will serve you in all areas of your life and you will do what it takes to ensure you do this right and create a permanent change NOW.


And perhaps you knew as soon as you saw this that you were all in – and jumped to this page first. So, let’s recap what you get in the 13 Week Emotional Mastery Intensive, before moving on to how we will build on this powerful and solid foundation.

We will kickstart your program with a 2 hour clarity session, where we will go over information on the 6 key areas of your life, what your strengths and opportunities for expansion are, and most importantly, your goals.


From there, I will design a program just for you, wonderful, unique you!


Because we want to clear out the negative so we have room to fill you up with empowerment, we will spend the next 3 weeks doing deep mindset work. We will employ hypnotherapy, NLP, CBT, and Emotional Mastery techniques to put you in an unstoppable mindset.

As we enter the mindset and coaching phase, we will start by addressing self-love and confidence, which is the foundation for belief and gratitude. This is important because when you stand on a solid foundation of belief and gratitude, you will be sure footed as you journey towards your goals, loving every minute of it. You will enjoy making these shifts because the processes we will use will bring you great inner peace while shifting you into automatically thinking in a way that will allow you to succeed in anything you do!


After that, we will focus on the major areas of your life where you need support. I have certain processes that will let us discover any hidden obstacles, so you can move forward with more ease and grace. A new recording will be created for you to program our subconscious mind to automatically find ways to eliminate anything in your way so you can stay focused on your journey and intended outcome.

Then, we will create an action plan to move you closer to your goals, detailing the steps to take to bring you closer each week. When we check in the following week, we will go over your outcomes and what you need to support you in continuing to grow in that area of your life.

You may want to go through all the major areas of your life, growth, contribution, health, finance… or you may just wish to stick to career and finance. You are a co-creator in this process. After all, your intensive experience is designed to give you back control of your life.

We conclude the first part of your intensive transformation with a Future Planning Strategy session so you can confidently rocket towards your goals.

As we move into the Creating Excellence You will also enjoy TWO Spa Day for the Soul experiences. The first, after your Future Planning Strategy session and the second at the end of your year.

This unique and power 3 to 4 hour deep dive, will take us through the 5 major negative emotions that keep us stuck, and clear each one up. Then we will engage in building positive cognitions and beliefs to empower you to really see yourself for how amazing you are and how very much you are capable of.

Think of it like a Spa Day for your Soul in that we will be exfoliating the old, worn out beliefs that are keeping your skin from glowing, then slathering on the most wonderful, exotic, and yummy creams and lotions to heal and rejuvenate your skin, (or in this case, you soul!)

To maintain your momentum and keep you moving joyfully and swiftly towards your goals, we continue over the next nine months with one coaching session and one session designed around permanent entrenching this higher level mindset each month. By making sure that any past beliefs that are triggered as you elevate your life are cleared as they come up, you can keep focused on the positive direction that you create in our coaching sessions. Because of our monthly sessions to resolve any negativity that comes up right away, it will be easier to stay on track and not revert to the self-doubt and harmful negative self-talk that keeps us small if we listen to it.

During our 13 weeks together, you have email access to me as well as discounts to any Transcended Wellness events and free access to any Transcended Wellness Masterminds that are being held.

You will receive a copy of my Miraculous Manifestation and Gratitude Immersion Journal and my Miraculous Manifestation Through Gratitude: 365 Days of Quotes to Uplift & Inspire You books to keep you vibing high, loving life, and immersed in one of the most powerful, peaceful, blissful states you can achieve!

Once your intensive is complete, you will have access to our Meditation Library where you will find a wide selection of hypnosis meditations to continue helping to sculpt your mind to perfection.

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You always tell yourself you SHOULD get your mindset right, yet it is only when you turn your SHOULD into a MUST, that you will get where you want to go in life (and be much happier on the journey!)

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