Losing weight CAN be easy!

“If only weight loss were easier…” ~ Everybody

Imagine a way to lose weight easily, quickly and very affordably What if you knew you were finally going to succeed? You are about to find out that YOU CAN AND WILL!

Do you ever...

find that there are many things that keep you from your weight loss goals? Having no time to work out, those constant cravings, stress and aging are the top reasons why losing weight is hard. WHILE IT’S NOT YOUR FAULT, when you set weight loss goals and are not able to reach them, it can make you feel like a failure in your own fairytale!

It should be easy...

to lose weight as it is to gain weight! We should crave the foods that are good for us, not the foods that add weight, make us feel sluggish and rob us of our health! When we don’t feel good, either because of the health issues extra weight causes or because we don’t like how we look in our clothes, we cannot live the joyous life of gratitude we deserve.

If you've been struggling with your weight, it is NOT your fault and
you CAN do something about it NOW.


Isn't that easy?

NOW IT IS easier, and just in time for the holidays. Successful weight management is a cup of coffee away. The ingredient in this specially formulated coffee that makes it work is nitric oxide. Nitric Oxide is a free radical that improves cardio function, rev’s your metabolism and reduces disease causing oxidative stress. The combination of nitric oxide and other supplements added to this dark roast coffee, synergistically work together to improve your circulation, elevate your mood and intensify your focus. Best of all, this tasty coffee will reset and restore your neurotransmitters, which are the signals in your brain that are responsible for those overwhelming cravings. 

No cravings mean you are in control of your appetite!

Empower yourself to start...

✓ Feeling sexy and love how you look in all your clothes again

✓ Having more energy because you are carrying a lot less weight

✓ Being so much healthier because of less stress on your joints and organs

✓ Feeling the pride of knowing you were able to vanquish the weight. You are awesome! You can do anything!

Enable yourself to stop...

✓ Letting cravings continue to control your life

✓ Hating what you are wearing because you are always trying to hide the bulges

✓ Being too tired to participate in activities you once loved

✓ Feeling like a failure and weak because you can’t control your own weight
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I know how it feels...

The frustration of not being able to lose the weight, and the shame of feeling weak because I could not shake the weight despite my best efforts. Every failed attempt left me feeling less confident in ALL my abilities. Until I found the secret weapon that changed everything! I lost 14 pounds in 6 weeks with one easy change.

These results are typical and I want you to be as happy and healthy as the hundreds of thousands of other magic coffee drinkers. For less than two dollars a day, you can finally get the results you desire, quickly and easily. You will actually save money because you will stop buying the processed foods that you no longer crave!

People are feeling results after their first cup and their scales are seeing results in 6 days! Reports of losing 10 pounds in a month, by simply changing the coffee you drink, are the norm with this delicious path to a thinner and healthier you.

You are special, unique & powerful...

You just need a little help and you will be the hero in your own story again! Right now, you may be frustrated, skeptical and feeling like weight loss is out of your reach. Once you start drinking Optimum coffee, you will have increased energy, elevated moods and crush the cravings that no longer have a hold on you. You will feel victorious and elated as the pounds start falling off, the energy skyrockets and you realize you can accomplish anything you set your mind to with the right tools.


ONLY $20

Includes Tax and Shipping (anywhere in continental US)

The 6 Day Experience is a unique trial package we only offer for a limited time! Why do we offer a trial size? Because we know that once you see and feel real results in as little as 6 days, you will be confident in your monthly purchase. This works – find out for yourself!

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