If you are reading this, you have passed the 50% mark. Over 50% of people say they want to make a change, take the first step and stop.

NOT YOU!!! You clicked on the link for the second day because you know that follow up and consistency are two qualities that bring great rewards! It’s going to pay off for you big time!

Today we meditate on gratitude. Gratitude is an emotion with a powerful energy. When you are able to harness the energy of gratitude, you will suddenly notice that everything springs to life to bring you opportunities that will delight you. Things seem to go your way and you feel this easiness and joy with life You are confidence and you really love yourself and your life. You forgive yourself and others more easily.

I am so thrilled that you are making it a priority to nourish your soul in this way.

Tomorrow we will meditate on Stillness.


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