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7 Day Beliefs Meditation ~ Day 3

Can you feel it? Some people still craving the stillness by day 3. For others, especially if you have a very active mind, you can expect it to take longer. The benefits are vast and results impressive. It is so worth it!

Today we will talk about stillness. Do you realize that unless you meditate, your mind doesn’t get a proper rest? The brain is active even when you sleep! Considering your mind is your most valuable asset, it makes sense that it needs a break and that giving it one will allow it to function better as well as make you feel better!

I’m really proud of you, by the way. Keep up the good choices! Every good choice brings you closer to the life you were meant to have!

Tomorrow we will meditate on Divine Health.

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First published at the age of 8. Cassi has always been passionate about writing and communications. Her studies in journalism and psychology, as well as certifications in NPL and Hypnosis, allow her to bring valuable lessons to her writing. With her third publication, Cassi has turned her talents to the world of fiction for children and young adults, to help them deal with every day issues in a manner that empowers them. Her new book, Diary of an Ugly Sweater is being met with great reviews and will be used next year in the Broward County school system. She also teaches people the importance of and how to be more confident so they can enjoy the success that confidence brings with it. She speaks in her community on a regular basis, both to women’s groups and at risk teens. Cassi loves her family, her dog Rocky, traveling, music and the beach. Visit her website to learn about upcoming speaking engagements, workshops and events where you can connect with Cassi, or to read her blog along with other valuable freebies that will be gifted to you.
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