You have every right to be proud of yourself! I know I am!!! I love people who are committed to feeling their best and having the best life possible. It’s day 4 and you are half way through the 7 day series. Most people will repeat the meditations for several weeks. Although I’ve had people say they do this because they love how it makes them feel, I know the long term benefits of locking in a new thought process. After all, to master anything, repetition is necessary.

The cool thing is, meditation feels sooooo good! If you are not already hooked, you will be soon.

Your mind will be feeling wonderful and soon you will see physical benefits as well. It’s not secret that when we physically feel better, we enjoy our day so much more. And to me, that is what life is about; thoroughly enjoying and delighting in the days we have been given.

Tomorrow we will meditate on True Wealth.

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