I wish you could see my smile! I am so proud of you. I am also so excited for the results going on inside of you which you may already be noticing. Day 5 is here are we are meditating on true wealth, something we all deserve and have access to.

I invite you to take several deep breathes before beginning. When it comes to the subject of wealth, this can be an area of confusion. You may have been told and taught that money or wealth was not desirable or too difficult to acquire. Deep inside you know this is not true, yet because of all the negative energy that has been presented to you in relation to wealth, you belief that you are ready, deserving and able to have what you want is shaky at best. When you take these few deep breathes, breath out any negative emotion or any ideas you have at all. Empty your mind and allow the positive energy that will attract true wealth in.


Tomorrow we will meditate on Well-Being. This is where we focus on how your mind feels and the signals it is sending to your body and belief system.

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