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Achieve Success Through Follow Up: 7 Ideas and Tips

achieve successFollow up is critical in order to achieve success. Who would ever book a ticket to Hawaii, get a hotel and car rental, plan a couple of excursions and then just not go?

It is the same with relationships. We spend so much time finding events where there will be people that can support us and that we can support in our careers, lives and passions. We pay to go, dress up, get our business cards and spend a few hours turning strangers into friends, or potential friends, that we hope will turn into business associates when the time is right. We collect a hand full of cards that go into our “system” if we are very organized and into a drawer if not.

Then, because we are not getting the results, we go to more networking events and stash more cards in our drawer that is quickly approaching overflowing. Does this sound like a great formula for success?

One important secret for success is to have a system for follow up.

7 Ideas and Tips to Help You Achieve Success

  1. When you schedule the event, decide how many quality leads you want to return with. Setting your intentions from the start will help you achieve success in attain your goals.
  2. When you put the event on your calendar, also block off time to make follow up calls to the amount of people you intend to connect with. Also block of time to meet in person with at least one of them. Expect good things!!!
  3. When you take someone’s business card, ask them if they mind if you call in a couple of days. When someone is expecting your call, not only will it be easier for you to do, but you are more likely to do it. After all, you would not want to let them down.
  4. One secret to success is to make notes about the person. If you do not have a perfect memory, jot it down and refer to it before you call back. You will soon know all about them and will not need the notes.
  5. When you call people back, call with an attitude of service. If you are genuinely interested in helping people, they will become interested in helping you. You are calling to develop a relationship, not to make a sale. A sale is a result of having a good relationship.
  6. Never eat alone. This is the perfect way to develop a lasting relationship that creates life time customers.
  7. Schedule time every month to touch base with the people in your circles.

These 7 tips will help you achieve success in networking. I will have an entire class and system laid out for you soon as I develop the Skills for Success Series coming soon.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Cassi Eubank

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