Getting Results with the Right Coach or Advisor

Everyone wants to know how to get better results. Better results in losing weight, better results in our careers, better results in our relationships. It is the reason why so many people are turning to coaches and looking for advisors. We want to get where we want to go faster and with less effort. But how do we pick a good coach, or one that is right for us?

No matter how many raving fans a person has, look at their past clients. Just because a person is a good speaker, does not mean that they can teach you how to speak. Are their previous clients speaking? If they are teaching you to launch an info product, did the clients they have already taught create and sell lots of info products?

Talk to several clients of the person who you are thinking of taking on as an advisor. Ask the right questions. Are you getting results? Did they fulfill all their promises? Was the program worth the price you paid?

Just a short little blog to test my social media plug in and drop a little advice on you at the same time. BOOM




Silent Thoughts

I am always looking for ways to get better results, expanding my way of looking at things and developing a mindset that is open to extraordinary possibilities. It is for this reason that I elected to undertake a day of silence.

Silence for Getting Results


Is she losing it?

When I announced my intentions, there were those who were certain that the only way they would be able to stay silent for a whole day was to remove their tongue. Others have done this at a retreat or during a workshop. A few just think I’ve lost it.


I did not go into this thinking it would be hard. I viewed it as an interesting experiment, something that would certain offer me some profound insight if I allowed myself the experience. There were more challenges than I thought and I can say that I have a new view point that I otherwise would never have been open to.


I had preprinted some cards letting people know what I was doing. Then, I would write down anything that would normally be verbalized. Easy enough, solid plan.

That was the plan… this is what happened

Except… I had done a KYSS Wellness retreat and each morning for 21 days after the retreat we are all calling in on a conference call number to declare our wellness goals and cheer each other on. I was hosting the call and couldn’t talk. I prerecorded a segment the night before and played it. But as each member of the group was talking about their goals and accomplishments, I really wanted to jump in and cheer them on. Once I let go of the resistance to staying silent, I found the glow of my pride in the group and what we were doing together gave me a warmth inside. I could feel my heart swelling with love and gratitude and it felt so good.


The Salt Suites was the perfect choice for first stop of the day. Taking a path of looking inward today, the healing air and relaxing sensation just make me feel completely grounded.


I met my husband and our friend Dan for lunch. As usual, I brought my beloved German Shepard Rocky. Rocky is the reason we eat at places with outdoor seating anytime it isn’t raining! When we go out, Rocky gets so much attention. People are drawn to him like a magnet. He has this magnetic personality, really he does! (Maybe I’ll start a Facebook page for him and you will see what I mean.) When people would ask about Rocky, I had to really refrain from bragging about my precious boy! You know how mama’s love to talk about their kids! Lol

Dan is also known to be a bit of a clown and when he started in, it was not easy to hold my tongue and engage in the banter that I have come to enjoy when I am around him!

I tried to stay away from texts, using it as I would a notepad in order to maintain the spirit of what I wanted to accomplish with this day. The afternoon was spent alone, and I found I was more reflective in all the things I was doing.

There were several times when I felt uncomfortable. Times I wanted to reach out and communicate with others and I felt a discomfort as I stopped myself from joining in. So I asked myself, if I have to give up something I enjoy (contributing to a conversation) what can I gain? As soon as I released my desire to do what I wanted, I found that I was able to more carefully observe the way other people interact. The way you can only observe them when you aren’t thinking about what to add to the conversation next.

Getting Results Through Silence

There were fleeting moments of loneliness, which is funny since I am rarely lonely, even when I am alone.

I noticed more about people, about their reactions and expressions. I felt a little more connected and my daily meditations have never been more focused. I felt more grounded and less in a hurry. My thoughts were clear, and it was a relief not to answer the phone and keep all communications to a minimum, simply communicating with myself.

I noticed myself turning up the music and dancing more, perhaps as a way of being able to express myself in movement where I could not with words.

Love Notes

Most of all, I noticed how hard it is for me not to sing along with songs I love when they come on Pandora or my car radio! Maybe because music is truly a universal language.

Achieve Success Through Follow Up: 7 Ideas and Tips

achieve successFollow up is critical in order to achieve success. Who would ever book a ticket to Hawaii, get a hotel and car rental, plan a couple of excursions and then just not go?

It is the same with relationships. We spend so much time finding events where there will be people that can support us and that we can support in our careers, lives and passions. We pay to go, dress up, get our business cards and spend a few hours turning strangers into friends, or potential friends, that we hope will turn into business associates when the time is right. We collect a hand full of cards that go into our “system” if we are very organized and into a drawer if not.

Then, because we are not getting the results, we go to more networking events and stash more cards in our drawer that is quickly approaching overflowing. Does this sound like a great formula for success?

One important secret for success is to have a system for follow up.

7 Ideas and Tips to Help You Achieve Success

  1. When you schedule the event, decide how many quality leads you want to return with. Setting your intentions from the start will help you achieve success in attain your goals.
  2. When you put the event on your calendar, also block off time to make follow up calls to the amount of people you intend to connect with. Also block of time to meet in person with at least one of them. Expect good things!!!
  3. When you take someone’s business card, ask them if they mind if you call in a couple of days. When someone is expecting your call, not only will it be easier for you to do, but you are more likely to do it. After all, you would not want to let them down.
  4. One secret to success is to make notes about the person. If you do not have a perfect memory, jot it down and refer to it before you call back. You will soon know all about them and will not need the notes.
  5. When you call people back, call with an attitude of service. If you are genuinely interested in helping people, they will become interested in helping you. You are calling to develop a relationship, not to make a sale. A sale is a result of having a good relationship.
  6. Never eat alone. This is the perfect way to develop a lasting relationship that creates life time customers.
  7. Schedule time every month to touch base with the people in your circles.

These 7 tips will help you achieve success in networking. I will have an entire class and system laid out for you soon as I develop the Skills for Success Series coming soon.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Cassi Eubank

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How to Prepare for Success: Is Success a Choice?

If success is as easy as choosing it, why isn’t everyone successful?  After all, who doesn’t want to be successful?  How much easier would your life be if you could achieve success in everything you do with a minimal of effort?

prepare for successI have a theory on this, and I intend to share how you can choose success. Yet for clarity sake, I will start at the beginning.

Prepare for Success with a Strong ‘WHY

The first thing that we need if we are going to be successful is a strong why.  If we want to be successful with a healthy lifestyle, with a career goal or in a relationship, it is imperative to know why this is important to you.

Think of it this way, Joe Mann is about 300 pounds and enjoys a full Pepperidge Farm Double Chocolate Layer Cake each night as he sits in front of the TV watching Jeopardy.  As he goes to get the cake from the fridge, pulling out a fork and not even considering a plate, he thinks, “I really should exercise a little, BUT I am tired.”  He grabs the box and sits down in front of the TV and thinks, “No wonder I am so heavy, I really should eat better BUT I don’t have time to prepare fresh food.  Joe’s BUT’s are very big and his why is almost non-existent.

One evening as Joe is eating cake in a box, he feels a pull in his chest and the next thing he is aware of is being in a hospital.  The doctor comes in and tells Joe that if he doesn’t lose 50 pounds in the next year, he may not see next year.

Why should Joe exercise?  Why should Joe eat better?  Because his life depends on it.  Now that Joe’s why is big, his BUT will get smaller (pun intended).  He will not make excuses because his reason for losing weight is that important.

A Big Why and a Little But

To be successful, you will want to have a big why and a little but, or better yet, no but’s at all!

Once the buts are out of our way, we can get clear.  Once you know exactly why you want to do something, lose weight, travel, start a new company, you will want to get clear on what that looks.  In weight loss it may be X number of pounds or just toning up.  Financially may have a specific dollar amount attached to it.

Playground of Your Imagination

This can be SO much fun.  Set aside some time to daydream.  I call it the playground of your imagination, yet whatever you call it, this place in your mind is rich with opportunities and adventures.  Shape your dream with your mind and then set that intention and start breathing life into it with your actions.

Success is a Matter of Smaller Choices

The last reason I believe that many people do not select success is that in truth, success is a series of smaller choices.  Once you get the big picture of what you want, break it down.

This is a method used by Navy Seals in planning their ops.  Each part of the mission (success) is broken down into smaller parts that work together.  When working on a particular task, 100% focus is placed on completing that task as efficiently as possible.  This serves many purposes.  First, the quality of work yielded by each step is superior because of the approach.  Secondly, seeing the completion of the first step will give motivation to move on to the next step and produce even better results.  Scientific studies show that being rewarded, either by verbal acknowledgement or by seeing the smaller piece as a successful mission unto itself, will actually release endorphins from your brain that trigger your pleasure center, making you feel good about yourself and your work.  And lastly, if this works for one of the best trained organizations in the world, I’m all for it!

Become Unstoppable by Looking at the Big Picture

So while I get it when some say that success is not a choice, I believe that it is.  When we look at the big picture and define why we what something, get clear on exactly what we want and make sure each choice we make will lend to the overall success we wish to achieve, we will be unstoppable.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Cassi Eubank

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Life Balance – 10 Ways to Get it Back

Life BalanceDo you remember the last time you put your clothes in the washer and they got out of balance?  With the bulk of the garments shifted to one side, the washing machine will slowly start spinning off center, until, at the peak of spin cycle, the whole metal box is shaking and gyrating like it was possessed by demons!

The same thing happens in life.  Often we spend all our time working.  Our social life is non-existent and we are not taking care of our health.

 10 Ways to Know You are Out of Balance

1. When you do get home from work, do your spouse and children ask you your name?

2. Does your list of current friends only have your pet’s name on it?

3. Are you having a hard time sleeping or sleeping well?

4. Do you run late to meetings and appointments?

5. Is your work area cluttered?

6. Do you stay late at work because you want to stand out and prove you are a team player?

7. Do you have more appointments than you can comfortably handle?

8. Are you out of shape?

9. Do you notice that you lose your temper?

10. Do you obsess on detail, needing perfection in all you do?

10 Ways to Get Back in Balance

1. Take a day to clear the clutter.

2. Schedule your week and enter in time for the 3 Big F’s.  Your friends, family and fun.

3. Schedule in some physical activity that you will find pleasing.

4. Practice Intentional Breathing.

5. Meditate.  It really works.

6. Find time for gratitude.

7. Take no more than 5 minutes to mentally review your day to access how you can do better.  Once you have extracted any needed lessons, let go and resolve to make tomorrow even better.

8. Schedule an event you would love to do for next month.  You will have something to look forward to.

9. Call an old friend.

10. Set a limit on how much you are going to work.  Do not get so busy working for your future that you let what you have now slip by unappreciated.

Life Balance Infused With a Little Fun

Decide what is important to you and make a conscious effort to allocate time to those things, all of them and in equal measures.  When your life is in balance and you infuse it with a little fun, you will be able to enjoy what you already have and create even greater results than you imagined.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Cassi Eubank

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7 Steps to Instant Attitude of Gratitude

attitude of gratitudeWhy is gratitude good for us? With an attitude of gratitude, we will achieve success more easily, we will be happy, it contributes to our health and wellness and we have increased life balance. All great reasons, and there is soooo much to be grateful for.

But if we aren’t feeling grateful, how do we get grateful? Hmmmm

Well I’ve got a few good ideas!

1. Gratitude Awareness

Start with gratitude awareness – just be aware that you have many things to be grateful for. That’s a great first step.

2. Gratitude List

A gratitude list is another great way to remind yourself of all that is going right in your life. Remember to add to it often.

3. Draw Gratitude Into Your Heart

How about taking just 5 minutes, setting a timer and sitting someplace quiet while deliberately drawing feelings of gratitude into your heart. This is a very powerful practice that increases your health and over all well-being.

4. Rampage of Gratitude

I LOVE the rampage of gratitude! This is where you don’t just read your gratitude list, you really get into the feelings of gratitude and let the energy of your gratitude super charge you. Look for a blog and a video detailing how to elicit your own rampage of gratitude to be coming soon. This is a secret super power that will really open you to the energy of achieving great success.

5. Share Your Gratitude

You can share your gratitude by offering everyone you meet a smile, performing random acts of kindness or simply giving someone a heart-felt compliment. By sharing with someone that you are grateful to have them in your world, you get super charged with happiness yourself.

6. Send Your Gratitude

When you send your thanks by way of a letter, a note or mailed gift, something special happens for you and the recipient of your kind thoughts. Don’t you agree that there is something really cool about getting personalize mail? It makes us feel special because someone took the time and effort for you. And when you engage in this practice, you have the prolonged effects of feeling good when you send it and every day for the next week while you anticipate the joy you are bringing to someone you care about! Or what about sending anonymous notes to strangers, letting them know that they are pretty great and offering a smile face and kind word?

7. Live in a State of Gratitude

This one takes practice, but once you achieve success in doing so, you may feel like there is a slice of heaven here on earth. And it resides in your heart.

So why not develop an attitude of gratitude and find balance in life, improve your health and overall wellness, find you achieve greater success with less effort and be happier than ever before?

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Cassi Eubank

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Health and Wellness for a Happy and Fulfilling life

Today I am going to get naked, totally transparent.

Health and wellness are key components of a happy and fulfilling existence.  I know this, and now it’s time to live it.

For me it is easy to say that I only have a few extra pounds to go (10 – 15 to be exact) so there is no urgency.  It’s also easy to pat myself on the back for being consistent about going to the gym (while I’m using that now sore arm to reach for the cake and candy I earned by going to the gym).  How’s that for logic?  So health and wellness have not taken a priority in my life until now.

Easy isn’t always best.

health and wellness

One of the great things about my work is that as I do research for the people I serve, I get to benefit from it as well.

Accountability and Follow Through

I’ve learned that if you are held accountable, you are much more likely to follow through and meet or exceed your goals.  For that reason I am holding myself accountable to you!  When I started going to the gym 5 days a weeks and posting about it, I always did it since I told everyone who is on Facebook I was going to.  It worked and going to the gym is now a habit.  I also found people messaging me and telling me how this helped them stay strong too.  Other people who want to do better, and know we are all stronger together than we are alone!

Yesterday I started posting in the Facebook group Free to Be Fit.  Although it’s a closed group, everyone is welcome.  I am making it a closed group because I will be posting pictures of myself and encouraging others to do the same.

Measure Your Results

When we measure our results, we get better results and I want everyone to feel comfortable posting their “before” photos if they wish.

This group is to set your intentions and post about your follow through.  We will cheer you on, offer you advice and encouragement and be grateful for your example as we inspire each other to live and play full out.


It is my intention to make moving my body part of my day at least 5 times a week.  I will eat foods that nourish me and avoid sugar, breads and pastas.  I will drink a green smoothie or make sure I get at least 2 dark green veggies in my diet.  I will drink warm lemon water to set the alkalinity in my body as soon as I wake up.  I will drink plenty of water and take time to practice intentional breathing each day.  I will post about my progress on a regular basis and upload a photo every 4 to 6 weeks. (Ut oh, now I have to do it!)

I am not over weight, but I am not in my peak physical condition.  It’s about time I take charge of my health and wellness and actively make choices that will lead to complete health.  I play full out in so many areas of my life, I now realize that it is imperative for me to really achieve the endurance, vitality and energy that I can have.

And it is so easy!

It takes 21 days to create a habit.  If you choose excellence every day for 21 days, it will become who you are.  Excellence will be as easy as breathing.  So little to give, my all for 21 days, to get so much back, a full and rewarding life experience.

Please join me by Clicking Here and join us.  You will find recipes, encouragement, what has worked or not worked for others, but mostly you find a group of people that want better and want to inspire and be inspired.

Success is a choice.  Better health is a choice.  Life is a choice.

Achieve Success

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Cassi Eubank

p.s. Did you get your free Empowerment Meditations yet? I want you to have them as my gift to you.

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