How to Gain Prosperity Through the 5 Principles of Prosperity Principle Five ~

Take Empowered Action

If you want to know how to become prosperous or how to be successful, all advice given will tell you that you must take action. Rightfully so. For any dream to come to life, the dreamer must take action or employ another to take action on their behalf.

So you have created a strong belief system, and the excitement of knowing that you will get that which makes you so ecstatically joyfully keeps your energy vibrating at the frequency that will bring it all your way. You are clear on what you want and you have taken the time to switch your thoughts so you are constantly searching for possibilities, opportunities and solutions as soon as you identify an area of improvement. Now that all the gifts are showing up at your doorstep, all that’s left to do is to open those gifts. To do so, you will have to take action… empowered action!


Here is a review of The 5 Principles of Prosperity.

The 5 P of P Bullet Points on Scroll

1 Create Strong Beliefs

2 Keep Your Vibration High

3 Get Clear

4 Focus on Solutions

5 Take Empowered Action



The key here is the idea of taking empowered action. While there will be many things to do to prepare for and receive the things you desire, it is important to focus on taking the right actions.

Many people are transitioning from the “traditional” office job to being entrepreneurs where they make their own hours and decide what needs to be done. This is why it is important to make sure that each action you are taking is effective.

If you are going to a networking event, plan time the day after to send an email or message to those you met that you want to make a deeper connection with. There is no point to networking and collecting cards that will just end up in your drawer, never to be used. What about the people you met at networking events last month? If these are good connections to cultivate, you will want to schedule time each week to reach out to those people.

Principle 5 Meme Empowered Actions

If there are things you do not like to do, hire someone to do it for you. I love doing my own website, yet when it comes to some of the more advanced issues, I pay someone who can do it in 15 minutes rather than spending 4 – 6 hours to do it myself.


Suggestions for Taking Empowered Action

  • Make a list of all the things that must be done daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. These are the regular things like social media, calls, blogs, newsletters, videos, etc.
  • Highlight the things you do not want to do or are not good at and find someone to do it for you. You will like what you do more and let someone else who loves to do the things you don’t take that off your mind.
  • Group like tasks together. For example, if you do a weekly blog, you may wish to also make calls to people you wish to stay close with that day as well and make it a home day. If you have a luncheon, you may wish to do errands like the bank, office supplies, etc. that day.
  • Put it on the calendar and stay on track. Plan to succeed by scheduling your success. You may need to move things around when other opportunities present themselves, yet having it on the calendar will keep you focused.
  • If you are working from home, forget the house work! Either get up early and make sure the laundry is started and dishes are done, or set a quitting time and don’t let what your house looks like enter your thoughts until then. You may also want to plan a fifteen minute break every two hours. If you are the compulsive type, just know that you will switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer “on break” and stay focused on your task.
  • One thing at a time is a great motto for those working at home. When you are in charge of everything, it can get a little overwhelming. When this happens, take a few deep breaths, look at your to do list, pick one thing to do and focus on that one thing until it is done. Then move to the next thing.


It is critical to take action. The universe has delivered all these amazing gifts and now you get to open them. By taking empowered action, you will receive and enjoy those gifts much sooner. In The 5 Principles of Prosperity, you have all you need to become more successful and to be prosperous in all you do.


How to Gain Prosperity Through the 5 Principles of Prosperity: Principle Four ~

Focus on Solutions


I will be so bold as to say that all people who achieve extraordinary things and know how to be highly successful in life, practice solution focused thinking. It is the fourth of The 5 Principles of Prosperity and although the first three principles will allow you to have the things you want faster and easier, it is this fourth principle, keeping focused on the possible solutions, that is critical.

A quick review of The 5 Principles of Prosperity are

The 5 P of P Bullet Points on Scroll

1 Create Strong Beliefs

2 Keep Your Vibration High

3 Get Clear

4 Focus on Solutions

5 Take Empowered Action


Think about it for a moment. When you hit a problem, challenge or issue, our first response is to want to take inventory of the situation. We instinctively do this so that we can find the best solution and this assessment process is very necessary.

Where we often go wrong is the issue scares us or sparks a reaction of doubt about our ability to get the outcome we want or feel we need to have. When we have that emotional attachment to an issue, it is harder to let go of the problem and shift our focus to possibilities for correcting and even improving on where we were in that situation originally.

Every Thought

It is important to remember, every thought will bring you closer to a solution or further away from it. When we engage in thoughts of fear, doubt, regret, over choices that may have caused the problem, we are moving away from a resolution with a positive outcome.

This is why it is so important to acknowledge the issue, assess the situation without any emotional attachment, then jump into a mindset where you creatively engage in solution based thinking. The more you focus on potential solutions, the more possibilities you will envision. These new possibilities will spark other ideas that will be even better. You will be moving towards a much better outcome than you initially intended with each empowered thought.

Ask Questions

Ask questions ~ of yourself and others.


What are other options open to you? What other ways can this be dealt with? Who are the people you can align with so build the team you need to realize your objectives?

This is a simple step yet do not think it is easy (at first)!


For the majority, we are conditioned to talk about problems. We hear it on the news. Others complain and we jump in to let them know they are not alone with our own complaints. We vent. We stay upset. We can even let someone mindlessly cutting us off on the road keep us in a negative space for the rest of our ride.

Just like any other change of habit, it takes practice before it is easy. It’s the way your brain is wired. Because we are conditioned to look for the bad in a situation, in order to “protect” ourselves, the synapsis in our brains find it easy to fire these messages. There is a bridge that makes transmitting these kinds of thoughts, the easiest path for your thoughts to take.

By stopping to ask yourself if this thought is helping you get closer to your desired outcome, you can decide if it is a thought you need to contemplate to help find solutions or one that you would be best to dismiss as quickly as possible.

Principle 4 Meme Focus on Solutions

Soon solution based thinking will be the easiest path if you stick with it, and that’s when things really get good. Opportunities and possibilities will come at you from all directions and abundance will fill your life. This principle will bring all you want to your doorstep. In principle five of The 5 Principles of Prosperity, I will share how you can open the gifts that have been hand delivered to you. Then you will have all you need to get anything you want in life. And when you apply these principles to your life, you will have everything you want in life.

How to Gain Prosperity Through the 5 Principles of Prosperity: Principal Three ~

Principle Three ~ Get Clear

If you want to know how to be more prosperous, financially as well as in all areas of your life, The 5 Principles of Prosperity will serve you well. Those who know how to be more successful than most apply these principles and achieve massive results.

The 5 P of P Bullet Points on Scroll

The 5

Principles of Prosperity

1 Create Strong Beliefs

2 Keep Your Vibration High

3 Get Clear

4 Focus on Solutions

5 Take Empowered Action


Today we will focus on the third principle of prosperity, “Get Clear”.


Get Clear – Your degree of clarity is directly proportional to the speed and ease with which you accomplish your goals and obtain your desires. You can only get what you ask for. Be as detailed as possible.

Think of taking a vacation, something I love to think about. First you have to believe a vacation is possible, principle one. If you believe you can take this vacation and it is someplace you want to go to, you will automatically vibrate at a higher frequency when you think about it, which is principle two. Step three is the fun part, the planning!

You would not show up at an airport and tell the ticket agent to pick a spot for you. Nor would you call a travel agent and say, “send me someplace tropical.” You have to know what you can spend, how long you can get away for, where do you want to go, will you get there by plane, train or automobile? You will want to select the hotel you are staying at, what activities and site you want to see and do and plan your transportation to get there.

Elliot 497 Elliot 546

In my most recent trip to Hawaii, I wanted to take the helicopter ride with the doors off so I would not get a glare on the pictures I took. Because we did not plan ahead, all the seats on that helicopter line were taken during our stay in Kauai.

Get Clear On what you want


The more clear you are, the more fulfilling your future experiences will be.

The same holds true for life, for being more successful, and becoming more prosperous and joyful.

What do you want? Whether it is your career, relationships, or fulfillment in your life you must know what you want.

A woman once said all she wanted was to be happy. When I asked her what she would need in her life before she felt she would be happy she said she didn’t know. This is common. People want to be successful but when asked what their life will look like when they are successful, the picture is murky.

When you know exactly what you want and you also know why you want it, you will become more excited about getting it. That will raise your vibration, fulfilling principle two, keep your vibrational energy level high.

The why is always the same; because it will make you feel good. If you want to get a new car you may rationalize that you need it because your old one is breaking down. But really, it feels good to know you are in a car that is reliable and you probably won’t be walking due to mechanical issues. If you want a vacation because you are stressed, it will feel good to not have to think about the stressful issues you are dealing with at home.

When you can imagine how good it will feel when you get the object of your desire, and you maintain deep gratitude and abiding faith that it will be yours, the universe has no choice but to bring it to you.

In principles four and five of The 5 Principles of Prosperity, I will share how you can get what you want once it has been brought to you. I consider this the “opening the presents of the universe” part. These 5 principles are all you need, to know how to be more prosperous.

How to Be More Successful through Gratitude – The 5 Principles of Prosperity: Principle Two ~

If you wish to learn how to be successful, how to be wealthy or how to prosper, you will need to immerse yourself in gratitude and the continual practice of it. This is the second step in The 5 Principles of Prosperity.

Wallace Wattles Gratitude Quote

In the epic book on riches, The Science of Getting Rich, Wallace D. Wattles also feels the second step to being able to get anything you want is by entertaining a lively and sincere gratitude for the blessings bestowed upon you. This book is still a bestseller for a reason. He is right. He speaks of having a constant feeling of gratitude or what I call “living in a state of gratitude.”

FACT: Everything is energy.

  • All “matter” as science calls it, is created from energy and takes on different sizes, shapes, and colors.
  • All energy vibrates at a particular rate or frequency.
  • We as people vibrate at a particular frequency.
  • Our emotions vibrate at different frequencies and will affect the frequency at which our physical beings vibrate.
  • Wealth and poverty both vibrate at much different frequencies with poverty being a low vibration and wealth projecting a much higher vibrational rate.
  • When it comes to vibrational frequencies, you will attract that which vibrates at the same frequency as your emotional state.


This is why it is imperative for you to practice maintaining emotions that will allow you to vibrate at the highest frequencies if you are to have the superpower of manifesting an extraordinary life. Gratitude, love and compassion are among the feelings you can place your thoughts on that will raise you to the highest levels of attraction.

Frequency of Emotional Vibrations Chart

  • Set your phone to alert you every hour. When you hear the reminder write down something you are grateful for or think of someone you love.
  • Keep pictures of those you love around you at work and at home.
  • Volunteer
  • Assume the best in people, especially when they are a stranger and do things like cut you off on the road. You never know what they are going through and don’t let rude behavior, whether on purpose or not, be a buzz kill.
  • Count your blessings. Seriously…

While I lay out the steps to getting all you want in life in The 5 Principles of Prosperity, the key is to maintain these feelings of gratitude, love, and compassion all day. It’s great to wake up with gratitude and go to bed with gratitude, yet it will be so much more effective when you LIVE in gratitude.

Gratitude stone pile

How to Be More Successful Through The 5 Principles of Prosperity: Principle One ~Create Strong Beliefs

In the Five Principles of Prosperity, the first principle is to


Principle 1 Meme Create Strong Beliefs

In doing so, it is important to understand the three main sources of our beliefs, how they are initially formed, how they affect us and how we can transform them into strong, empowering beliefs. This will be a four part series because I want you to have the overview, yet it is more important that I can share practical, fun and easy things for you to practice so that your belief system becomes one of your super powers and you develop the skills to manifest like a magician. 

I will go into detail into each of the three main sources of our beliefs systems and how to improve them in other articles.


Thought Belief Emotion Action Result

It is important to keep in mind that your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs create your emotions, your emotions determine your actions and your actions will decide your outcome.



This is why those who practice selecting the right thoughts seem to lead a charmed life and things magically happen for them. When selecting the right thoughts becomes second nature, you will realize your desired outcomes easily and joyously.

The first source of our beliefs comes from our past. The experiences we have had are what we base our beliefs about ourselves on. Our thoughts are triggered by what we have seen and heard.
It is important then, that we go back to the past and explore each of the experiences and occurrences that caused us to think the thoughts of doubt which created the limiting beliefs that keep us from a life unlimited. Once we resolve the issues, we will learn a new appreciation for ourselves and develop that true self-love that will allow you to joyously live each day of your life.

Once we have made peace with and come to embrace our past, it will free us to have the courage and vision to create an extraordinary future as well as allow us to fully immerse ourselves into the present. These are the other two areas that determine our beliefs.

Anatomy of a Belief

The emotions that are triggered by the beliefs created from our thoughts of our past are responsible for our level of self- esteem and self-love. When we love ourselves it is easier to believe in our abilities and it is through your belief in your abilities that you will have the confidence and courage to take the action you need to get your desired outcome. There are many things you can do to improve your confidence and once you believe in yourself, (past beliefs) and feel good about your future (you are confident that you will achieve your goals), you will be able to keep your focus on the things in life you have to be grateful for in the present. This will keep your energy vibrating at a higher frequency and will allow you to manifest your desired outcome with incredible ease.

When you transform your thoughts about the past and your potential future to thoughts of empowerment, you truly will transcend and rise above, breaking free of all illusion of limitations to live a transcended life.

True Freedom Is In Your Mind

What is freedom? To me, it is the ability to do, have or be anything that you desire.

Freedom is having the ability

What is the most important thing in life? To feel good.

We feel good when we are growing as a human beings. It makes our hearts warm when we are able to assist another on their life’s journey through various ways of giving back. It feels great to be loved and feel connected to others as well as our highest self. When we feel good, our energy is vibrating at a higher frequency and we benefit everyone one and everything we come in contact with. We feel good when we feel free.

Let’s face it, to do have and be anything we desire, you must first believe you can.

It is important to keep in mind that your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs create your emotions, your emotions determine your actions and your actions will decide your outcome.

Thought Belief Emotion Action Result

This is a universal law that applies to all of us. Let’s say you have this deep desire to become a singer. If you are told that you are not good at singing and you start entertaining thoughts like, maybe they are right, I am not very good. I guess I just don’t have a talent for that. It is a gift and I just have to accept that people do not like the way I sing, then you will begin to believe you are not a good singer.

If you believe you are not a good singer you may feel emotions like embarrassment, discomfort or even panic at the thought of singing in front of others. If you feel that way, chances are great that you will not take the risk of feeling bad and you will not sing in front of others and the result will be a desire that you crushed and used the illogical logic of, “Well I guess that is just not what I was meant to do,” in order to feel better about giving up on a dream you know you were meant to go for.


It was because of a little encouragement that I decided to follow my passion to sing and have recorded a CD as well as opened for national acts like Doobie Brothers, Kansas, Huey Lewis and the News and top musicians of their time. You see, I was told I had a talent for singing so I believed it. Because I believed it I got excited about the idea of singing and went for it. The video is a song I wrote as a result of the chain of thoughts that created this belief in myself and my ability.

Do expect to be great when you first start. That comes with practice, yet you must believe in your ability so you can see what you want in your future and you will want to reconcile your past so doubt will not slow you down.

And this is why it is vital that you develop the skill of selecting the thoughts that will bring you closer to your goals and all the abundance, prosperity, happiness and freedom that are rightfully yours.

Understanding how your beliefs work, how they are formed and how you can transform them into beliefs that will allow you to manifest the things you want into your life with ease and grace will give you an advantage is the first step to transforming your thoughts and transcending your life.

Then, when you work through each of the three areas of beliefs, those created from our past, our present and our ideas about the future, you will have the perfect mindset to imprint the habit of solution based thinking. Once you get good at that, you will be able to visualize an outrageously fantastic future and have the skills to bring it to fruition.

Living a life of bliss and having the freedom to do, have or be anything you want is your destiny.
Look for coming articles on how to develop this super power! I will link them as they are published.

Transform Your Thoughts ~ Transcend Your Life

Change your life meme

We have heard countless phrases and sayings that share the principle that when you think positive thoughts you will get positive outcomes. Deep down inside, we know this is true. When we have been happy and expected great things to happen, they have. When we opt to see the best in a person or situation, we feel better and get better results.

But it is not easy to stay focused on the upside and have faith in things to come when the evidence cannot be seen. Our subconscious mind takes over and starts feeding us with reasons to give up on ourselves and our dreams. The voice of doubt seems to have a life of its own and that monkey on our shoulder is chattering in a constant drone.

It’s not your fault. Years and years of hearing about our limitations, being told we can’t do things and all our negative experiences can leave us with a belief system that is weak at best.

The good news is you can change all that!

It just takes practice, like with anything else. If you want to learn a foreign language, play a new instrument or develop any new skill, it takes practice to get good at it and daily practice to excel at it.

If you make it a priority to develop the skill of selecting the thoughts that will make you feel good and help you move towards your goals, you will find that everything in life gets easier. You will feel a sense of tranquility, knowing that your future will give you whatever you want. It will be accompanied with a feeling of excitement, because it’s almost like having magical powers when you are able to manifest almost instantly.
I have found five principles that will allow you to be as prosperous as you wish, when you take the time to practice and apply them in your life. The key is repetition. I will provide you with an overview today and expand on each principle in later posts. This is important information because when you learn to select thoughts that nourish your soul and further your goals, you will be unstoppable. The attitude, gratitude, clarity, focus and action you take will have people signing up to be on your team. Each of these are simple truths, yet unless you strengthen these skills, they will not help you.

The 5 P of P Scroll Background

The 5 Principles of Prosperity

1 Create Strong Beliefs – You get what you believe you can get. Developing the skill of selecting empowering thoughts is critical to all happiness, success, prosperity and abundance because your beliefs are created by your thoughts.

2 Keep Your Vibration High – You attract things that vibrate at the same frequency you do. Practicing gratitude, meditation and other actions that will keep your vibration high is imperative because the higher your vibration, the easier and faster you will attract high vibration people, situations and opportunities.

3 Get Clear – Your degree of clarity is directly proportional to the speed and ease with which you accomplish your goals and obtain your desires. You can only get what you ask for. Be as detailed as possible.

4 Focus on Solutions – Once you analyze an area of improvement, move to and stay in the solution. The more time you spend in solution focused thinking, the faster and better your outcomes will be.

5 Take Empowered Action – With each thought and action you take, ask if it is bringing you closer to or further from your goals and dreams. Take those steps that will take you where you want to go.


I encourage you to discover how each of these principles work, what makes them so powerful and how you can make the changes that will change your life. The fact is, when you transform your thoughts, you will transcend your life. You will rise above the reasons we worry, doubt, regret, and fear and elevate ourselves to a place of connection with spirit. When we are energetically aligned and live in a state of spiritual synchronicity, we truly will transcend to a place where we can create the life we were meant to live.

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