Confidence and Ghosts From the Future

I have been asked many times, “how can I become more confident?” Confidence makes you feel good about the future and reduces anxiety. Confidence is one of the most important accessories you can wear to attract success, prosperity and literally anything you want in life. If you want to know how to become more confident, this is an easy way to learn more. I have always had a high degree of confidence and it was bolstered during the third part of my Christmas Eve dream.

Bah Humbug Part 3

… Awake once more, I looked over at my husband, still sleeping in the massage chair, and thought, “I don’t remember drinking that much eggnog.”

Scrooge was still on the big screen TV in his black and white attire, calmer than he seemed last time I checked in on him. I felt calmer too. Calmer, but with more purpose than I had previously felt. I was braver than I knew and smarter than I thought. I started to think about Winnie the Pooh and the image of Pooh morphed into an older version of myself. I noticed that my skin had aged remarkably well and made a mental note to make an appointment for a facial to keep up the good work!

“Do I actually get to see into the future,” I asked myself?

“We will look at two versions of the future. It’s important to see that every choice will create a different version of your future.”

With that she took my hand and showed me a good life. My husband and I were still in love. I got to see my son once a year and every few years we would take vacations together. There was more I wanted to do, but what I had was better than many had it. I was content with this version of my future.

Until she showed me the second version of my life.sea of people I could vacation whenever I wanted, having an abundance of money. I had a vacation home in Vermont, so I could spend summers close to my son and his family. I had true freedom. Most of all, I got to see all the people that were changed by my words.  I was speaking on a large stage to a crowd of over 5,000 people, sharing thoughts and words that were changing their lives. I felt this was my purpose, to change lives. And I wanted to do it in a big way, just like I was seeing before me.

I was feeling the discord inside as I turn to my older and wiser self and stated, “But I’m not that good. How can I ever get good enough to change lives through my words?”habit

“You have given that speech over 1,000 times. That is why you are so good at it. Trust in your abilities. Practice until it becomes easy. This will give you the confidence you need to follow your true path.

You are braver than you know and smarter than you think. If you ever feel the claw of fear, always be confident in knowing that you can accomplish anything you set out to do and just shout at that stupid old feeling, “Bah Humbug!”

With that final awakening, I felt truly awakened. With a new sense of self-love, renewed courage and the key to confidence, I knew I couldn’t play small anymore.

I invite you to remember, you are braver than you know and smarter than you think. And if you ever feel the tug of regret, hear the voice of doubt or feel the claw of fear, please feel free to use my wakeup call, and just shout at that stupid old feeling, BAH HUMBUG.

And if you want to develop more confidence, engage in the 3 P’s! Plan, prepare and practice! More on that next week!

Overcoming Your Fear Of Failure Can Be One Of The Most Important Fears To Work On

I’m so glad you joined me for the Clear Your Fear video series. I’d like to see you get rid of all your fears, so that you can live a completely free life. All those obstacles, all those negative emotions, out of your way, so you have a clear path to abundance.

But today we’re going to talk about clearing your fear, or overcoming your fear of failure.

Now, why is it that we’re so afraid of failure?

Overcoming Fear – Clear Your Fear Video Series Day 6 of 10

If success, on the one hand, is simply setting a worthy goal, and taking actionable steps towards it, by not doing anything, we are a failure.  So, by trying something new, it doesn’t matter what the outcome is, the fact is, we’re trying, and that makes us a success.

We’re Growing, We’re Learning

By not doing, you’re becoming the failure that you’re afraid of being. It’s a self-fulfilling prophecy.

So, let’s take a look at why we have this self-speak: well, when we are born, we have our subconscious mind that is connected to the oneness of the universe. We know we’re fine, we know we’re exactly where we should be, we know we’re perfect, just the way we are.

But as we develop in this world, as we go out, and learn, and model the different things that happen, we model our appearance, we school, you know, the people at school, we model our teachers, and when they say no we can’t do it, we tend to believe them; they’re the authority figure.

And we hear so much of this, that our ego, our sense of self, starts developing; and when it does, it remembers, ‘oh, these things you can’t do it, so why would you try’.

‘Don’t stick your neck out, you got laughed at last time’.

All of these things make it seem like we should not step out of our comfort zone. But it’s when you step out of your comfort zone that the cool stuff happens.

Step Out of Your Comfort Zone and Into the Magic

The magic happens in life. Everything becomes fantastic. So, why is it, that we get locked into this?  Well, personally, maybe your But’s too big.

Yes, I said it, maybe your But’s too big!

And I’m not talking about your rump. I’m talking about your excuses.

  • ‘I would love to work out, but I don’t have the time’.
  • “I wanna eat healthier, but I don’t know how to cook’.
  • ‘I would love to go and get healthier snacks, but I don’t have time to hit the grocery store on the way home from work, I work hard enough’.

And some of these might be valid, but it’s a matter of your ‘But’ is too big.

Let’s Look at the Case of Jim

Now, Jim liked to eat chocolate cake, and yodels, and pies, and all kinds of stuff. And Jim was a little bit too heavy. When I say a little bit too heavy, I simply mean that it wasn’t healthy for him to be as heavy as he was. It was causing a lot of strain on his body.

Well, one night, Jim is sitting in front of his TV tray, watching Jeopardy on TV, eating his ninth slice of chocolate cake, and all of a sudden, as he’s thinking, ‘I should work out, but I don’t have time’, ‘this isn’t the healthiest snack, but it tastes so good’…

As he’s thinking about all of his ‘buts’, he feels a pain in his chest, he falls to the floor, and when he opens his eyes, he’s in the emergency room in the hospital. Now, the doctor comes up to him, and says, ‘Jim, tell you what, if you don’t lose twenty pounds in the next six months, you probably won’t live to see your next birthday’.

Well, when that happens, what happens to Jim’s ‘Buts’?

BUT’s Get Smaller When Your WHY Gets Bigger

They get smaller, because his ‘why’ got bigger.

  • Why should Jim work out? …because he doesn’t want to die!
  • Why should Jim learn how to make better foods? … because he wants to live!
  • Why should Jim decide to pick up snacks that are healthy on the way home? …because he doesn’t want to be back in Emergency!

His ‘why’ got bigger, and his ‘But’ got smaller. So, when he thinks about going to the gym, he has time: that ‘But’ is so small, his excuse is gone.

If Your BUT’s Too Big You Should Work on Your WHY

Now, in my classes, I have got the Clear Your Fear classes, it’s a six-week course, I’ll talk to you about ‘Ways to Grow Your “Why”‘, to make it so big, that you don’t even see your but any more.

There are all kinds of tools and tricks and techniques that you can use, and utilize, to create the mindset, to where you’re living in the sweet spot, all those roadblocks are cleared, and you’ll have an open path to abundance.

And that’s what I want to see for you. I want to see all those fears gone. I want to see complete freedom to walk that path, to love your life, to enjoy everything that has been put on this earth for you.

You do deserve the abundance, it’s just around the corner.

So I’ve got some DVDS, I’ve got some programs, and I have an online class.

I would love to serve you more, and clear your fear.  After all, overcoming your fear is your first step to freedom.

Thank you for joining me for another video series to Clear Your Fear.

Cassi Eubank

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Overcoming Your Fear of Success: Here’s How to Stop Struggling

Overcoming your fear of success is something that many of us struggle with.  I hear it from my clients all the time – so what are they so afraid of? Why are people so afraid to embrace a wonderful life, of success?

Overcoming Fear – Clear Your Fear Video Series Day 5 of 10

One of the things I hear a lot, is, ‘There are going to be new challenges and I’m going to be overwhelmed with all these new things to do’.

Well, you know what, in our life, there’s always going to be challenges, because we always want to learn and grow.  And because there’s challenges, why not take on the challenges … of the rich!

Challenges of the POOR

Think about it: what are the challenges of the poor?

  • I don’t have enough money to balance my checkbook
  • I can’t afford to go out to dinner at that nice restaurant
  • I love that dress, but I can’t get it
  • I haven’t had a vacation in three years

These are some of the challenges, when you don’t have money.

Challenges of the RICH

What are the challenges of the rich? Hmm…

  • Where am I going to take that vacation?
  • Which nice restaurant am I going to eat at tonight?
  • Do I want to buy three or four of new outfits for myself in my closet?
  • How much money can I give to people who need it?
  • How could I make a difference?

These are the challenges of the rich!

Success is in the Journey

Even though there are new things you are going to have to learn, basically, it’s a matter of thinking the way rich people do. It’s a matter of making choices, it’s a matter of taking risks, it’s a matter of living for our life, full-on.

That is how you get to become successful.

Now, what’s the definition of a success? According to Earl Nightingale, a successful person, or a success, is somebody who has a worthy goal, and they take actionable steps to achieve that worthy goal.

So, simply by having a worthy goal, being fearless enough to dream big, setting your course of action, and taking little steps, each day, (they don’t have to be huge steps) but taking steps each day, you are a success!  A success is in the journey.

What Keeps You from Success?

Now, other things that keep us from doing it, we’re afraid that we aren’t going to achieve our desired outcome. Well, you know what, the desired outcome, that’s just what we currently think we want to do.

The Universe always gives us exactly what we need.

The outcome that’s going to best serve us, is going to be the outcome that comes, when we take actionable steps. So, again, we’re succeeding just in the journey, in the journey we grow.  That’s where the good stuff is, in the here and now.

Today’s step, that’s where the magic happens.

Tomorrow, that step will be where the action happens, and all the magic happens, when we take our action.

So, what are the other things that keep us from actually wanting to be a success, keep us locked in the mindset?

Limiting Beliefs and Your Own Self-Talk

People have told us, ‘you can’t do that’, ‘you can’t succeed’, all these things that people tell us. They’re just not true.

We can succeed, we have to believe in ourselves, we can succeed, we can accomplish great things, when we use the power of ‘what if’ to decide what we want, and then, invest our passion, invest our soul, going after it, because again, no matter how, the outcome turns out to be, no matter, we might say, ‘this is the outcome we want’, and get a completely different outcome, but the success is in the doing it, and it’s the journey that makes it worthwhile.

And that’s where the good stuff happens.

The Magic of Today – the Magic of Now

In NLP, one of the tricks and techniques that we use, when we want to create a successful future, is we go ahead, we imagine that date and time, put it on our calender, we go there, and we imagine a successful outcome.

Now, it might be giving a speech and you want to get a certain outcome, you want to convince people to contribute to your charitable donation.

We first imagine that happening. We imagine ourself, we’re up on stage, we give our message, people receive it well, the donations come pouring in, we see all the great things that happen because of this, to that charity, and we think about that, and we kind of work backwards, and we say, yes, these are the steps I’m gonna take to achieve that, and we imagine it already, and we claim that victory, and we claim that success.

And in doing so, we can bring that success to us.

We’re programming our mind, we’re getting in the mindset, of success, and from the mindset of success. We can have even more success.

Overcoming Your Fear of Success Can be Done

Tricks and techniques can be had, we just think about it.  You’re just trading in some poor, some poor situations, for the ones you’ve got now.

There’s nothing to be afraid of. You can do it.

I believe in you, and you can believe in yourself too, so let’s overcome that fear, of success, and step into our greatness. And I’m here to help you.

You can join me with my Overcome Your Fears series, ‘Clear Your Fear’ is the name of the series, and you can join me either in that six-week program, or check out some of the videos and things I have online.

But clear that fear! Step into your greatness! You can do it.

And I’ll be here to cheer you on and support you, every step of the way.

Thank you for joining me for another great episode of ‘Overcoming Your Fears’, or ‘Clear Your Fear’.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Cassi Eubank

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Overcoming Fear by Imagining the Victory

I love being an international life coach and if you have seen the rest of the video series to help you overcome your fear, you know I enjoy reaching out to you by way of video and other methods.

I’m going to talk to you about living in the future: this is where you can run into a lot of worries and stress … and this is where you kind of get caught up in fear.

You worry about what is coming, when half of the time, those things never even happen to you.

Overcoming Fear – Clear Your Fear Video Series Day 3 of 10

Whether it’s an interview for a new job, whether it’s a test that’s coming up, or a project, or a speech, basically, what you’re worried about is an undesired outcome.

What happens when you worry about an undesired outcome, it causes fear inside of you.

Your thoughts are:

  • It might not turn out well.
  • What if it doesn’t turn out good?
  • What if I fail the test?
  • What if I don’t get a good grade?
  • How’s that gonna affect my future?
  • How’s that gonna affect my self-esteem?

Forget about the future. Forget about all the other ramifications like self-esteem.

Are You Closing the Door to Solutions?

Now, when you keep talking like that, you’re closing off any solutions that are coming your way… when you say ‘what if I fail?’ I know that a lot of people say, ‘failure is not an option’, again, they’re calling for failure in the future.

Success is the Only Avenue

What I like to say, is, ‘success is the only avenue’. That opens the door for success and possibilities.

So when you’re saying, ‘what if I do poorly on the test?’, that’s what you’re bringing into your existence, because that’s how the law of attraction works.  Does it ever help you? No, it doesn’t.

Some people think that maybe it motivates them.  But you know what? I’ve got a much better idea for you.

Think About How Great the Future Will Be

If you’re worried about a test, or the job outcome, why not think about the future, think about that test, think about rocking that test, think about nailing that test, think about how great you did on that test.

Imagine the Victory

Turn yourself from a victim to a victor. Don’t have those victim thoughts of ‘what if I do so bad?’, ‘what if I don’t do well?’. Have the Victor Thoughts:

  • I’m gonna be victorious!
  • I’m gonna rock this, I’m gonna nail this!

Why don’t you set a reservation at a great restaurant to celebrate that success?

Own Your Success

Know it’s yours, own that success! Right now, own that victory! Make it yours.

When you are coming from a place like that, when you’re coming from a place of solutions, and possible outcomes, you’re gonna have better solutions and outcomes.

So, whether it’s a problem at work, whether it’s a test, whether it’s a job interview, by opening yourself up to positive solutions, you’re going to get positive solutions.

It works wonderfully that way.

Sometimes in the future, you think about irritation over ‘this person might do this, or they might do that’, you might have envy, you might have comparisons; you might be impatient about things. None of those are going to bring you closer to your goals.

There’s really no reason to envy anybody else, in the entire world.

You are the Best YOU Possible

You are the best ‘you’ possible.

You are fantastic at being you.

You are amazing.

So why would you compare yourself to anybody else?

Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  I love that quote, because we are unique.

Cherish Your Gifts

We each have our own gifts. Cherish the things that you have in your life. Be grateful for all of your wonderful things, that you have.

You don’t have limitations, those are just anything that you have that you might consider a limitation, they’re challenges to help you grow. They’re wonderful learning tools.

So, envy: lose the envy. And impatience. Impatience: everything is going to happen in its own time. So, why would you stress or worry about it? Relax. Enjoy what’s going on around you now.

Live in The Now

You always have thoughts of the past; regrets, resentments, or worse; worry about the future. But when you live in the now, and enjoy what’s going on around you, that’s when all the magic happens.

So don’t be impatient if traffic is slow, enjoy the song on the radio. Call somebody… if you’re in a state where you’re allowed to make phone calls, I don’t wanna get anyone in trouble out there.

Get rid of the worry, get rid of the resentment, get rid of all those negative thoughts for the past and the future.

What If – Opens the Door to Possibilities

Use that ‘what if’ power. Instead of saying ‘what if I fail?’, say ‘what if I succeed?’.  Ask yourself ‘How much better is life going to be, when I succeed’.

Open up the doors to possibilities. If you look towards the future, overcome your fears by envisioning a positive future. Envision great things coming. Don’t envision anything that’s going to be failure; envision your success, embrace it now, and it certainly will come to you.

Thank you for joining me for another week of Overcoming Your Fear.

You’re gonna be getting one of these each week, if you signed up for my video series, if you’ve bought the package, then great, you can watch ’em all one after the other, but do overcome your fears, because if you’re living in fear, you’re not living free.

To me, if you’re not living fearless and free, you’re just not living.

I will see you next week, for episode four and thanks for sticking with it.

Overcoming your fear is a great gift you can give to yourself, so make sure you check out all of the ten in the ten series, here.

Have the best day ever!
Cassi Eubank

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Overcome Your Fear and Turn Your Mistakes into Your Greatest Life Lessons

I want to talk to you about something I am passionate about which is overcoming your fears. The reason it’s so important is that we only get one chance in life. Every day is a new beginning and when we know that we have infinite possibilities. We can do, have or be anything that we want.

Life gets really good. It gets really exciting. And I want that for you.

Today we are going to talk about thoughts in the past.

Overcoming Fear – Clear Your Fear Video Series Day 2 of 10

I’ve talked about how fear is an emotion and our emotions are derived from our thoughts, so lets take a look about what we are thinking about when our thoughts are in the past rather than our thoughts of now or our thoughts of the future.

Resentments and Regrets

When we think about the past, we can have resentments, we can have regrets, we can have negative memories OR we can have happy memories.

I’ve mentioned before that everything is energy so if we have positive thoughts, that’s going to be positive energy and move us closer to our goals.  If we have negative thoughts – that’s negative energy and it’s going to move us away from our goals.

So the idea is to have positive thoughts.

Positive Thoughts

It isn’t just positive thoughts, you can learn to use your positive thoughts as tools to build your future.

It’s really pretty cool stuff.

When we are thinking about the past and our thoughts are negative it doesn’t serve us in any way.

Often times those negative thoughts come in the way of resentments. We resent somebody for something they’ve done or something we perceive they’ve done.

Be Thankful

But if we realize that every action that’s been to us, against us, or for us has made us who we are – has made us the perfect and divine creation that we are. Then in a sense that’s something that we can thank people for.

Or at least not let it bother us.

When they do something to us – that’s their Karma. They are doing something to us and maybe we are a victim for a second. But when we allow them to continue to victimize us through resentment, they’re not victimizing us. We are victimizing ourselves.

We are allowing them to continue hurting us. Instead of being the victim, why not be the victor? Put those thoughts aside. Whatever happened, it made you who you are. Move on. There are better times ahead.

Still Learning

What about regrets? Mistakes that we think we’ve made?

When we look back, things happen that we don’t always have the desired outcome that we want. You know?

And that’s o.k. because we still learn.

So if everything that’s not had the desired outcome, everything you’ve looked at as a mistake has a lesson in it for you. If you’ve learned something, if it’s made you stronger. If it’s made you better. If you’ve had any kind of growth in it. Then at that point, it’s become a great lesson.

Greatest Life Lessons

Some of your greatest mistakes turn into your greatest life lessons.

How cool is that?

So look at them as a positive thing, something that has helped you grow, something that has helped shape your life and get you to where you are now.

Then just look back at your happy memories, the good times. Things that have happened in your life. Times that you felt good. Times when you were laughing with your friends. Times when you felt loved.

Those are the times that you want to focus on and think about. Those are the things you want to set your mind to.

There are ten days to the Clear Your Fear video series, so stick with it because it’s one of the most important things you can do.

I would love it if you reach out and connect with me further.

Have the best day ever!
Cassi Eubank

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Overcome Your Fear so You Can Begin to Make Decisions That Nourish Your Soul

I’m very passionate about helping people overcome fear. Overcoming your fear is one of the most important things you can do for yourself.

So many times in life, people make choices about what they think they want to do, or what they want in their life, that are based on limiting beliefs and fears. They might choose a job because they think that’s the job they can get. They think going for the job they really want, the job that would nourish their soul, is impossible.

If you get rid of those limiting beliefs, and get rid of those fears, then you’re free to make decisions that are going to nourish your soul.

Overcoming Fear – Clear Your Fear Video Series Day 1 of 10

Make the best decision for yourself – it also clears your path so that you have an open and direct line of communication to the abundance.

How cool is that?

This is why, as a life coach, I’m very passionate about helping people overcome their fear.

Where Does Fear Come From?

When we’re born, as babies, we’re connected with the Infinite Source.  God, The Universe, the Source Of All Knowledge, whatever you want to call it. We’re connected. We breathe. We lay there, we breathe, and we’re just happy BEING.

Our breath connects us with the universe.  As we get older, we start interfacing with this world.  We hear things like “you can’t do that”, or, “wait a second, you’re too young”, “you’re too small”, you’re too this, you’re too that. All of a sudden, we start believing these things.

Now, beliefs are simply thoughts that we tell ourselves over and over again,until we actually believe them. It doesn’t mean that they’re true.

What Limiting Beliefs are You Telling Yourself?

We keep these limiting beliefs and then we start telling those things to ourselves.  We say things like “that is so bad.” Instead say “It is so not good.”

One of the things I like to do is monitor my thoughts and monitor my words, and it is so not good when you have limiting beliefs like that. When you clear yourself of those limiting beliefs, that’s when life starts getting good, and that’s what I want for you.

Fear is Our Response to the World

So, fear, basically, is our response to the world, it’s our way of dealing with the world, it’s our way of protecting ourselves, from what we think is going on around us.

We don’t want to risk trying something new, because what if people laugh at us? We don’t want to try a new venture, because what if we fail?  These are our thoughts. But they’re just thoughts.

Fear is an Emotion

Fear is an emotion but our emotions come from our thoughts. The good news is that we can monitor our thoughts by becoming aware of them, by basically using thought awareness. We can then change our thoughts.

When we change our thoughts, then we can change our emotions, which is really exciting.

So for today, I just want to leave you with this…

Our emotions are generated from our thoughts so just go into the day observing your thoughts. Ask yourself  these questions:

  • Am I thinking thoughts that are going to pull me closer to my goals?
  • Am I thinking positive thoughts?
  • Am I thinking thoughts that are going to raise my vibrational energy?

Or, am I choosing thoughts that are going to limit me? That are going to pull me away from my goals? That are going to cage me? And trap me.  And what is it that I think I can do versus having the ability to do, have, or be anything?

You can do, have, or be anything once you find that mindset.

That’s the goal of this ten series of videos. It is to help you learn a little more about fear and become aware of it.  I’m giving you tricks and tips to overcome your fears.

How cool is that?

Well, it’s very cool, let me tell you. It’s very cool.

So do stick with me, I’ve got nine videos coming up after this one. I will be talking about fear and ways we can clear our fear, ways we can overcome our fear. I’m so passionate about it.

Monitor Your Thoughts

This week I want you to just monitor your thoughts.

Every time you get a thought that’s negative, think “is this thought serving me” and “how can I flip that?”.  If you are thinking, “this isn’t possible”, instead think, “how can I make this possible?”.

You will open up all kinds of possibilities.

Thanks so much, and have the best day ever!
Cassi Eubank

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Overcoming The Fear Of Failure In Less Than One Hour – 3 Easy Steps You Want To Know

Sweet Spot in Paradise 1200x900

Overcoming the fear of failure, in my mind, is the best thing you can do for yourself.  One of the reasons I am passionate about being a life coach on Boca Raton, FL is that I can quickly help people with this.  Through the use of NLP, or nuero linguistic programming  in my practice, I am able to deliver fast and amazing results for my clients.  And after all, I feel that everyone deserves results!

 I have found that not only do our self limiting beliefs and fears get in the  way of what we want to do, it also distorts our ability to decide what we really want and who we really are.  This is because we set boundaries and limitations on what we think we can have and be based on our own limiting thoughts. Read more

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