Thank You For Being You – My Gratitude Project

As the year ends, many make resolutions for the coming year. Get in better shape, learn a language, spend more time with the family are just a few.

Another New Year tradition I have heard of is selecting a word to focus on and practice. One person told me their word was COURAGE. In a conversation with a friend, she revealed that ELEVATE was her word for the coming year. I love this idea, as I know that to fully absorb a lesson, characteristic or any habit of excellence, you must apply and practice it.

We aren’t born knowing how to walk, talk, write or any other skill. We learn, apply and practice. Yet as we get older, we are busy with what can feel like life’s demands and we look for shortcuts. And we get the results that come when you don’t put in the time to imprint what you learn. Which is why I have so many self-help programs on my shelves. It wasn’t until I took that Tony Robbin’s program, did all the exercises and CONTINUED to practice what I have learned, that I got the promised results.

You see, I love the idea of holding a word or intention in your focus for a prolonged period of time because I know it works.

Repeated action creates a habit. Habits create excellence.

young business woman holding her big trophy on white background

This year I will hold a focus word of GRATITUDE. We know how gratitude will raise our vibrational frequency, keeping our energy in a great state. We know it makes us happier and healthier. We know that when our energy is vibrating at a high frequency, we will attract other high frequency things. For these reasons I have chosen that as one of my focus words for 2016. Yet I don’t want to hold that gratitude in, so I intend to share it through what I am referring to as My Gratitude Project. Please feel free to join me.

Project Gratitude

During the year 2016, it is my intention to have GRATITUDE at the center of my focus. I will take time to appreciate the little things and immerse myself in gratitude for the bigger things as well. I will actively seek to see the reasons I have to be grateful every minute of every day.

It is also my intention to share my gratitude my acknowledging one person a day in public. Most days it will be on social media. Other days, when taking time away from electronics, I will publicly acknowledge my appreciation for another human being.

I am grateful that I have the opportunity to let another soul know how valuable and valued they are.

Today, I start with YOU. Although this may seem generic because it is in a post, if you are reading this, it is definitely written for YOU.

Thank You Card

Thank you so much… for all you are and all you have gone through. I know there were many times when it was not easy and even now, it may seem like it should be easier. You are doing great. Actually, you are doing better than great. You have overcome so much and are way stronger than you think you are. Look at all that you have learned and how much you have grown. You really are amazing and so many people need you in their lives. You make a difference with your words, with your actions and just because of the love in your heart. The world is better because you are in it, and I thank you, from the bottom of my heart, for being you.

Meditation for Money

Meditation Chakra Lady

We all know or at least have heard the many benefits that meditation has on our health and well-being.

• Decreases depression
• Reduces stress and anxiety
• Reduces symptoms of panic disorder
• Reduces alcohol and substance abuse
• Improves your focus and attention to detail
• Improves information processing and decision-making
• Improves memory and ability to learn
• Improves your mood and makes you happier


Many benefits can be scientifically measured as well.
• Increases grey matter concentration in the brain
• Reduces risk of heart disease and stroke
• Affects your immunity
• Reduces blood pressure
• Decreases inflammatory disorders

I could go on, but I want to talk about meditation and how it will help you make more money.

Health & Money

We know that meditation will make us healthier. When poor health requires and divides our attention, it stunts our growth and keeps us from accomplishing our goals as quickly and easily as we are meant to. When we are healthy, we can stay focused on our dreams and goals without the immediate tug of being unwell distracting us.

Meditation = Health. Health = More Money!

Focus & Money

Countless studies and personal experience say that when you meditate, your focus becomes better. The better your focus, the more quickly and proficiently you will complete what needs to be done to get where you wish to go.

Meditation = Focus. Focus = Money!

white background 3d dollar symboly

More importantly…

What we focus on will come to be. Why not focus on increasing our income? When you meditate, you are connecting with the oneness of the universe and you become part of that oneness. It is here that you will find all answers, including the ones about how to add more value to the world so you will be rewarded in turn monetarily. You can discover solutions to issues that have been placed in your path for you to learn from. You have access to the collective intelligence of the universe when you meditate. If you wish to make more money, this is where you want to go.

Keep in mind, we never know how the information will be presented to us in meditation. You may get an idea on how to implement the youth program you have wanted to start. Perhaps you think of a friend who specializes in an issue you need help with. Yet be assured, that when you meditate and get the information you need, the right people and opportunities will come in your path to allow you allow you to bring that which you meditated on to fruition.

Money MeIf you have any misconceived ideas that meditation is supposed to be spiritual so therefore you should not meditate on money, I say BULL!

Meditation is spiritual and what could be more spiritual than finding a way to give so much to others that you have more than enough money to live the glorious life that the universe means for you to have! 


The Heart-Mind Disconnect

There is something I see in my clients consistently that I call the heart-mind disconnect. This happens when your mind (brain, logical processing of information, where you decide what to think) believes one thing and your heart (soul, your connection to the universe, God and the source of all abundance and creation) believes another.

Heart Mind Disconnect


When I am speaking on confidence and self-love, I will ask the question, “How many of your truly believe you are amazing and beautiful? How many of you woke up and got totally stoked that you get to spend the day with YOU?”


Usually 90% or more of the room raises their hand. They are beautiful, they love themselves, waking up and getting a chance to hang out with their own bad self makes them very happy. Yet, Dove brand did the research and in a global study found only 2% of women will describe themselves as beautiful. Why the discrepancy?


Because while we know at a soul level that we truly are magnificent beings of light and love, when asked in the presence of a crowd of our peers where we are “expected” to know our value, we tap into our hearts and say what we know to be true. We rock. Yet when asked in a more “clinical or anonymous setting, we answer with our minds. We lack self-esteem and confidence.


Perhaps there are times when you feel you are red carpet ready with incredible value to offer the world. Other times you wonder why you bother with makeup at all and want to shrink. Be assured that until your heart and mind are congruent, this may be inconvenient, but it is quite normal.




The beliefs we have in our mind were put there early and have been reinforced our whole lives. It explains so much when you ask yourself why it can take a tremendous amount of strength to stay focused on the positive in life. When our heart says one thing and our mind says another, we feel “out of sorts” because we are!


It takes time and commitment to reinforce the new, better way of thinking that will make you happier, healthier and wealthier. When you are not wasting time with negative thoughts, you can use that time and energy to create the life you want. You are happier because you get better results much faster than ever before. You start manifesting with ease and grace. If you are willing to develop these habits of excellence, life as you know it will be changed forever and you will be living life on a whole new level. It is the key element of my Train Your Brain for Rock Star Success program and it will be the best training you have ever experienced. The habits of excellence you will develop will benefit you for the rest of your life, giving you all the skills you need to achieve effortless success.


Clearly I love this topic and I could go on about for hours. I am so passionate about showing others how they can live a life without limits. I also love giving practical ideas and solutions that you can apply right away.


If you start to doubt yourself or think negative thoughts about yourself, (I’m not beautiful, I am not smart, I’ll always mess things up) ask yourself three questions.

a) Why do I think that?

b) Am I sure it’s true?

c) So what?


a) Why do you think that?

What makes you think you are not smart? Maybe you can’t rewire the electrical on the house, yet I bet there are hundreds of other cool things you do know.


b) Are you sure that it’s true?

Most of the negative things we hear about us are not true. When others do not treat us well, we wonder what WE did to deserve that behavior. This leads us to think there is something wrong with us. When parents tell us we cannot do something, we feel unlimited and when we are told we have limitations, it feels wrong and we start to think that we have something wrong with us. When people are just rude or say things about us that aren’t true, we wonder if they know something we don’t and doubt seeps in. Most of the time, it’s not true. And even if it is…

c) So what?

Maybe you always mess up cooking because you don’t really like cooking. So what? Maybe you did make a poor choice in your last relationship. So what? Perhaps when you gave your speech, you didn’t speak loud enough. So what?

Not perfect? So what, welcome to the real world.

Didn’t do as well as you wanted to? So what, next time you will do better through what you learned this time.

If you learn from things that did not work out the way you intended them to, YOU WIN!

Bottom line, believe the thing that makes you feel the best.

If your heart believes that you are awesome (and you are) believe it. Listen to no other internal or external voice. Entertain no other thoughts. Soon your mind will catch up and believe it too. After all, just as you feel better when you nourish your body with great food, you will feel better when you also select the thoughts that will nourish your mind and soul.

The Strangest Reaction

Choosing a day of silence was an experience I am grateful for. It did provide me with many insights into just how much we rely on words to convey our thoughts, our desires and even the very essence of who we are. The effect of my choice continued to become apparent for several days. I found I was talking less and listening more. I had a peace inside that I thought I had before, but could feel it deepen. And of all the insights I gained, I learned that some dogs are very sensitive to and don’t like change.

Rocky 3

Rocky is a naturally friendly dog. Although he is eleven years old, he bounces around like he’s still three. And everyone comments on this too. Rocky is also my shadow. Anytime I get up to leave the room, he gets up to follow me. When I go out back to meditate, he joins me and sits staring into the waters of our pool. Once in a while I will have to coax him out when he isn’t sure if he wants to be in or out.

I started scratching behind his ears and smiling my approval at him. He pulled back and gave me a big wet one which was promptly wiped off with the back of my PJ’s sleeve. I said nothing, but made sure my love and energy were radiating to him. All my body language told him he was accepted and wanted, yet he soon pulled back. His ears went back and he looked at me with a look that said, “What’s going on here? Whatever it is, I’m pretty sure I don’t like it, no sir, not one little bit.”

The rest of the day, he seemed inquisitive, yet watching from a distance. I know Rocky is very sensitive to the emotions of people around him. When a football game is on and the Dolphins score, (has happened!) he freaks out when we clap and cheer. He doesn’t understand and it makes him a little nervous.

Rocky 2

I realize that Rocky came from a shelter where there were so many dogs that they were all neglected. When he was rescued, his paws were so tender that he needed booties to walk on the sidewalk. His hair was falling out and they had declared him deaf.

Turns out, he was not deaf at all. My guess is that if everyone was ignoring him, he just decided to blow them off when they called him. He’s just that way.

It seems that Rocky isn’t so different from us. There are things that happen when we are younger and it makes us afraid of taking chances or trusting our own instincts. Rocky had nothing to fear, and rarely do we.

Of all the reactions I encountered I found the reaction of my dog the most curious of all.

Silent Thoughts

I am always looking for ways to get better results, expanding my way of looking at things and developing a mindset that is open to extraordinary possibilities. It is for this reason that I elected to undertake a day of silence.

Silence for Getting Results


Is she losing it?

When I announced my intentions, there were those who were certain that the only way they would be able to stay silent for a whole day was to remove their tongue. Others have done this at a retreat or during a workshop. A few just think I’ve lost it.


I did not go into this thinking it would be hard. I viewed it as an interesting experiment, something that would certain offer me some profound insight if I allowed myself the experience. There were more challenges than I thought and I can say that I have a new view point that I otherwise would never have been open to.


I had preprinted some cards letting people know what I was doing. Then, I would write down anything that would normally be verbalized. Easy enough, solid plan.

That was the plan… this is what happened

Except… I had done a KYSS Wellness retreat and each morning for 21 days after the retreat we are all calling in on a conference call number to declare our wellness goals and cheer each other on. I was hosting the call and couldn’t talk. I prerecorded a segment the night before and played it. But as each member of the group was talking about their goals and accomplishments, I really wanted to jump in and cheer them on. Once I let go of the resistance to staying silent, I found the glow of my pride in the group and what we were doing together gave me a warmth inside. I could feel my heart swelling with love and gratitude and it felt so good.


The Salt Suites was the perfect choice for first stop of the day. Taking a path of looking inward today, the healing air and relaxing sensation just make me feel completely grounded.


I met my husband and our friend Dan for lunch. As usual, I brought my beloved German Shepard Rocky. Rocky is the reason we eat at places with outdoor seating anytime it isn’t raining! When we go out, Rocky gets so much attention. People are drawn to him like a magnet. He has this magnetic personality, really he does! (Maybe I’ll start a Facebook page for him and you will see what I mean.) When people would ask about Rocky, I had to really refrain from bragging about my precious boy! You know how mama’s love to talk about their kids! Lol

Dan is also known to be a bit of a clown and when he started in, it was not easy to hold my tongue and engage in the banter that I have come to enjoy when I am around him!

I tried to stay away from texts, using it as I would a notepad in order to maintain the spirit of what I wanted to accomplish with this day. The afternoon was spent alone, and I found I was more reflective in all the things I was doing.

There were several times when I felt uncomfortable. Times I wanted to reach out and communicate with others and I felt a discomfort as I stopped myself from joining in. So I asked myself, if I have to give up something I enjoy (contributing to a conversation) what can I gain? As soon as I released my desire to do what I wanted, I found that I was able to more carefully observe the way other people interact. The way you can only observe them when you aren’t thinking about what to add to the conversation next.

Getting Results Through Silence

There were fleeting moments of loneliness, which is funny since I am rarely lonely, even when I am alone.

I noticed more about people, about their reactions and expressions. I felt a little more connected and my daily meditations have never been more focused. I felt more grounded and less in a hurry. My thoughts were clear, and it was a relief not to answer the phone and keep all communications to a minimum, simply communicating with myself.

I noticed myself turning up the music and dancing more, perhaps as a way of being able to express myself in movement where I could not with words.

Love Notes

Most of all, I noticed how hard it is for me not to sing along with songs I love when they come on Pandora or my car radio! Maybe because music is truly a universal language.