How to Network More Effectively ~ Ask the Purpose of Your Networking

If you want to know how to network more effectively, start by asking yourself the purpose of wanting to meet new people.

Social clubs are about meeting people with similar interests. You can select special interest social groups like yoga meetup groups, gardening or book clubs, although some may contend that book club is code for wine club. And you can find plenty of wine clubs too!

Meditation Circle

There are also spiritually based gatherings that include meditation circles, Reiki circles drum circles, sound healing gatherings and more. There are no shortage of spiritual gatherings if you know where to look.

Many times we wish to attend networking events to gain skills. Great examples of this are writing gatherings for authors, Toastmasters, chess club. Each of these is effective for teaching and helping to improve your skills while engaging in group activities.

Another good reason to network is to pick up new clients. In that case, you have to look it where your clients are hanging out and those are the places that you want to go.


Finding more resources for your projects and to achieve your goals can be a major objective for networking. Perhaps you’re putting together a new project and you need to meet people that can help you on that journey.

There are many Business clubs as well. They feature a monthly meeting where they have a speaker each month to teach the member something new. There’s also networking events where the speakers are meant to inspire you. At those networking events it’s all about making new contacts and people pass business cards throughout the reading. I have found many Chamber of Commerce meetings are like that. It can be a very effective way to meet new people, however, if you don’t follow up with the connections that you make, you’re wasting your time.

One of the most advantageous networking groups is the Mastermind Group. One of the benefits of masterminding is that, by sharing your idea with others, because they have had different experiences in life than you have had, they will come up with different ideas that might be very good for you. A mastermind group also gives you a place to test market your ideas to make sure they’re good ones before you move forward. How many times if we thought we had a fantastic idea only to realize it wasn’t all that great on further reflection. A mastermind group can save you a lot of time and money with that. You can also test market the wording in your social media posts and brochures as well as the visuals of the advertisements and content that you’re putting to make sure it is effective. A mastermind group gives you more personal resources, and when you show your mastermind group your why, why you’re so passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll develop a strong success team to elevate and support you.
The accountability that a mastermind group holds you too will hold you to a higher standard, and you will elevate your game just because you know people are watching. If you’re engaging any mastermind group to the fullest, you will also be setting weekly goals. Your goals are more likely to become accomplished when you tell other people you’re going to do them. Especially people that you like and respect. And now that you have a mastermind group of people who like and respect you, you know you’re going to get more business as well as being fulfilled by those connections of the heart.

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If you are ready to find your community of people who will elevate you in all these areas of your live, please visit the Transcended Souls Mega Mastermind CommUNITY.

Making Friends at Networking Events ~ How to Network More Effectively

“How can I network more effectively,” is a question that, as a life and business coach, I am often asked. While there are many aspect of that question that could be addressed, (what do want to get out of the networking event, how to pick the right networking event, how to get the most out of networking) what I am going to focus on in this article is how to get to know a stranger without things getting weird.

You know what I mean. You say, “Hi my name is Cassi, I provide a place for entrepreneurs to learn, grow and spotlight their talents. What do you do?” They say, “Hi, I’m Sue.” You smile at each other as you wait for the other person to continue. You rack your brain for questions to ask and, as you fall short, you scan the crowd for a familiar face or try to figure out where the bathroom is so you can make your getaway. You simply don’t know what to say and the awkwardness is growing.

I am going to share something a guest speaker at a networking event shared with the group. It’s an easy way to make sure you know exactly what questions to ask so you find a common bond and connect with that wonderful new person. It’s fun and easy.

Imagine that yoPurple Name Tagu’re at a networking meeting. You see somebody who looks interesting and you want to meet them. You walk over and hold your hand out introducing yourself and look at their name badge. That will prompt you to ask your first question, what is your name?



Once they answer, telling you their name, imagine the name tag falls off their shirt and falls on the ground. When you look at it, you noticed there’s a picture of the world on the back of the name tag. This prompts you to ask your second question, where are you from?

Once they answer this question, the name tag is swept away by a breeze. You follow where it goes with your eyes and notice it lands in front of a house. This prompts your third question. Where do you live now?

When they answer that question, you look at the house and noticed there is a big picture window. When you look inside you see a family. That prompts your next question. Tell me about your family.

So far, we have the following questions:
What’s your name?
Where are you from?
Where do you live now?
Tell me about your family.

A great start. Let’s continue imagining.


You are looking through the big picture window and you noticed that there is a cat and a dog sitting on the sofa in the living room. This reminds you to ask your new friend if they have any pets.

You also notice that there are weights in the living room. The set of weights has a plus on one side and a minus on the other side. The set of weights reminds you to ask this person about their work. When they tell you about it, the plus on one side prompts you to ask what they like about their job. The minus on the other side of the weights prompts you to ask them what they do not like about their job.

Barbell Plus MinusThen you notice that they have a set of golf clubs in the corner of the room. This reminds you to ask them what they like to do for fun.

So by now you have asked them:
What’s your name?
Where are you from?
Where do you live now?
Tell me about your family.
Do you have any pets?
What do you do for work?
What do you like about your job?
What do you not like about your job?
What do you do for fun?

After asking all these questions, they will love the fact that you were so interested in them and you will certainly find common ground so that you’re able to branch out and form a more genuine conversation.

Now that you know how to network more effectively and become comfortable making new friends, you will want to find the right group to fit your objectives and ask the right questions before, during and after the event to network more effectively.

How to Gain Prosperity Through the 5 Principles of Prosperity Principle Five ~

Take Empowered Action

If you want to know how to become prosperous or how to be successful, all advice given will tell you that you must take action. Rightfully so. For any dream to come to life, the dreamer must take action or employ another to take action on their behalf.

So you have created a strong belief system, and the excitement of knowing that you will get that which makes you so ecstatically joyfully keeps your energy vibrating at the frequency that will bring it all your way. You are clear on what you want and you have taken the time to switch your thoughts so you are constantly searching for possibilities, opportunities and solutions as soon as you identify an area of improvement. Now that all the gifts are showing up at your doorstep, all that’s left to do is to open those gifts. To do so, you will have to take action… empowered action!


Here is a review of The 5 Principles of Prosperity.

The 5 P of P Bullet Points on Scroll

1 Create Strong Beliefs

2 Keep Your Vibration High

3 Get Clear

4 Focus on Solutions

5 Take Empowered Action



The key here is the idea of taking empowered action. While there will be many things to do to prepare for and receive the things you desire, it is important to focus on taking the right actions.

Many people are transitioning from the “traditional” office job to being entrepreneurs where they make their own hours and decide what needs to be done. This is why it is important to make sure that each action you are taking is effective.

If you are going to a networking event, plan time the day after to send an email or message to those you met that you want to make a deeper connection with. There is no point to networking and collecting cards that will just end up in your drawer, never to be used. What about the people you met at networking events last month? If these are good connections to cultivate, you will want to schedule time each week to reach out to those people.

Principle 5 Meme Empowered Actions

If there are things you do not like to do, hire someone to do it for you. I love doing my own website, yet when it comes to some of the more advanced issues, I pay someone who can do it in 15 minutes rather than spending 4 – 6 hours to do it myself.


Suggestions for Taking Empowered Action

  • Make a list of all the things that must be done daily, weekly, monthly and quarterly. These are the regular things like social media, calls, blogs, newsletters, videos, etc.
  • Highlight the things you do not want to do or are not good at and find someone to do it for you. You will like what you do more and let someone else who loves to do the things you don’t take that off your mind.
  • Group like tasks together. For example, if you do a weekly blog, you may wish to also make calls to people you wish to stay close with that day as well and make it a home day. If you have a luncheon, you may wish to do errands like the bank, office supplies, etc. that day.
  • Put it on the calendar and stay on track. Plan to succeed by scheduling your success. You may need to move things around when other opportunities present themselves, yet having it on the calendar will keep you focused.
  • If you are working from home, forget the house work! Either get up early and make sure the laundry is started and dishes are done, or set a quitting time and don’t let what your house looks like enter your thoughts until then. You may also want to plan a fifteen minute break every two hours. If you are the compulsive type, just know that you will switch the clothes from the washer to the dryer “on break” and stay focused on your task.
  • One thing at a time is a great motto for those working at home. When you are in charge of everything, it can get a little overwhelming. When this happens, take a few deep breaths, look at your to do list, pick one thing to do and focus on that one thing until it is done. Then move to the next thing.


It is critical to take action. The universe has delivered all these amazing gifts and now you get to open them. By taking empowered action, you will receive and enjoy those gifts much sooner. In The 5 Principles of Prosperity, you have all you need to become more successful and to be prosperous in all you do.


Masterminding Is Essential for Entrepreneurs

Mastermind groups are a new concept to many people, yet there is nothing new about them. As long ago as 1955, Napoleon Hill’s endorses this practice in his classic, Think and Grow Rich.

A mastermind is a group of people who come together to brainstorm for solutions to a problem or negative situation. By sharing ideas and combining resources, each member is elevated to a greater level of success than they could possibly achieve alone. The most successful entrepreneurs find this an essential element contributing to their success.

Masterminding has become more popular because of the many benefits. Here are 8 great reasons for you to join on today.

Entrepreneurs learning how to be more successful depend on mastermind groups.

1st ~ Meet New People
In a mastermind group, you get the chance to meet and get to know new people who have the same intentions of bettering their lives. While you may see familiar faces, take the time to get to know the new people in a mastermind group or event.

2nd ~ Fresh Perspective
When laying out a situation you wish to improve upon to others, they will be able to offer you a fresh perspective. Each of us filters the information we get through our past experiences and belief system. Each of us has learned and experienced different information as well. The accumulation of our knowledge will be greater than our individual knowledge.

3rd ~ Specialized Knowledge & Experience
Being in a mastermind group allows you access to advice from people in other professions. The best part is that as a member of a mastermind, they will have an interested in your success. Having people on your team who are genuinely want you to rise above where you are now gives you a tremendous advantage. Entrepreneurs, solopreneurs and business people find that the unique experience each person has is a huge benefit to mastermind groups.

4th ~ Continue Learning
Mastermind groups may have a topic or point of learning before the focus turns to the individual. This is an added bonus as you will always learn a great deal just by listening to others share their past experiences and what they have learned.

5th ~Great Connections
In business and in life, who you know really is more important than what you know. The connections you make will give you access to their connections. In the mastermind environment, each member is giving your ideas and helping to shape your dream, bringing it more into focus and closer to you. Think of it like having a child. Those who help raise your child are going to be more interested in telling their friends about this brilliant young person they have helped to shape. It’s the same with business or personal goals.

6th ~ Think bigger
When the boundaries of your mind are stretched you will think bigger. Often other can see a bigger and better future for you than you can for yourself because they are not limited in what they see ahead for you by your fears.

7th ~ Encouragement
There is a lot to be said for encouragement. I know a wonderful woman who once paid a man to help her with her vision. Basically, he was a paid cheerleader, telling her how wonderful she was and how she could accomplish big things. Why was this gentleman able to stay in business and profit nicely? People need encouragement. They need to feel good about themselves and their goal.

8th ~ Accountability
What we are held accountable for we get done. Nobody wants to look foolish, so once you tell someone you are going to do something, there is a greater feeling of discomfort if you do not do it. Therefore, to avoid the discomfort, we will just do what needs to be done instead of finding ways to talk ourselves out of it. Whether it’s going to the gym, giving a friend a ride or business goals, once you have committed to another person, you are exponentially more likely to do it.


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This is SOLUTION BASED MASTERMINDING. You start with what you perceive as an unwanted situation and take a positive, solution based approach.

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Are You A Rock Star?


A ROCK STAR is a person who knows they have unique skills and wisdom to offer the world and they are courageous enough to take their stage. A ROCK STAR never settles and always finds a way to get what they want while providing great value to their fans. ROCK STAR’s know that they will achieve super star status when they practice their craft until it looks easy.

Then they just have fun doing what they love to do.

I love the commercial that Intel put out four years ago. It features a man, Ajay Bhatt – co-inventor of the USB, walking into the break room. The other employees stop to stare, the women start to swoon over this rock star in the field of technology.

What does it take to be a rock star in your field and to get rock star results?

It comes from having the right attitude. You get the right attitude from having the right beliefs, or believing in yourself and your abilities. You get a better belief system when you select better thoughts.

This is why the single most important skill you can develop is solution based thinking.

As kids, we have this ability and we tend to be very happy. When we get older, our parents, teacher, friends and other well-meaning people will tell us all about our limitations, and we begin to believe them. So the voice in our head wavers between the voice of our soul, telling us to pursue our passions and live the life we are meant to live, and the voice of doubt telling us not to take chances or risk. We move one step forward and two steps back, staying stuck in the rut of mediocrity. We feel like we are on a hamster wheel, working so hard for so little.


Like all skills that we take the time to practice and strengthen, solution based thinking is the skill that will set you free. When you learn to think in terms of possibilities and opportunities, you will start noticing more opportunities and possibilities. That when you get in this cool zone where the right people and circumstances will always appear right when you need them. Life becomes so much easier, you get much better results for your efforts and you enjoy life more.

When faced with a challenge or issue, acknowledge it and notice what needs your attention. What is the problem? Now move onto the solution and stay there. Do not focus on the problem again. You may wish to also ask, how can this situation be prevented from happening again, yet once that is brought up, turn immediately to solutions.

For more on solution based thinking, look for future articles or ask about my Train Your Brain for Rock Star Success ™ program and how it will change your life.

Rock Stars get to where they are because think about and talk about how to get things done, how to get to where they want to be. If something doesn’t work out, they try it a new way. They keep getting better by practicing and they only take yes for an answer. They find a way to make things happen because that’s all they focus on.

You too can be a rock star in your field. You may be one of many in your field, but there is nobody like you. Courageously take your stage. Find a way to make things happen by staying in the solution. Get so good at what you do, offer so much value, that your clients – or should I say raving fans, will want to induct you, their favorite rock star, in A HALL OF FAME ALL OF YOUR OWN!

Get Good at One Thing ~ Repeat

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, there are many things you will need to learn. I love working with women wo are beginners or boomers that want more out of life and are willing to do what it takes, even though they are not yet sure what it will take. They are brave women who are courageous enough to take action despite the doubts of others as well as self-doubt. When I work with women entrepreneurs who are just getting in the game, overwhelm can set in and it can be easy to get discouraged because there is so much to do.

One of the biggest mistakes that a new entrepreneur can do is trying to do it all… at once.

I took a business mastery course where I learned a lot. During one of the online classes we were being told we need to be on Facebook to connect, set up LinkedIn and get active there, probably Twitter, start blogging, do videos and out them on Youtube, then share to your social media, write a free eBook to give away on your website, make sure you have great pictures, come up with a funnel, write a speech… you get the idea.


The faint of heart would wilt before they finished hearing the list. When it was Q&A time, I pointed out that there are only so many hours in a day, what is most important and what should be done first?


I was told they were all important and we had to do them all.




The truth? Start with one thing, get good at it and when it is easy to do, repeat.

If your goal is to learn five new languages so you can become a foreign ambassador, you would not take five languages courses at once! It would get way too confusing and you would not do well at any of them.

On Air sign glowing, reflecting light on a radio studio broadcast panel.

It is the reason I am developing a great radio program, My Success Zone Radio. I used the word “developing” for a reason. Since I have done three radio shows in the past, two on AM radio and one on the internet, it would be easy for me to not pay attention to details.

For example, not to point out my flaws, but… when the introduction was recorded, it ran the full 30 seconds, as does the music I use in the background. While this is acceptable, I know it would sound just a little better – more pleasing for my listeners – if there was a second or two of music before my voice over guy begins and a second or two after his finishes speaking. So I just paid to have it redone.

  1. I was hosting My Success Zone Radio on Blogtalk and found a better solution (better financially as well as a much better SEO choice). So I am taking the time to switch it.
  2. I’m automating the notifications and posters that are shared on social media so others will know about and be able to benefit from the great interviews.
  3. I am creating a place where those in my inner circle will be able to listen to replays for some time before they are archived.

I have many other fun projects coming up, yet I know that I want to keep my focus here until all the details are taken care of. When you learn to really focus, it happens quickly.

Get Good

The point is, I invite you to consider getting really good at one thing. It will build your confidence and your motivation. With practice, things do get easier and when it becomes natural and effortless, you can conquer the next step, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be rather than running around trying to do it all and not doing anything well.

The Compassion Cure

It’s a normal reaction to get upset when we are treated poorly, spoken harshly to or when others are doing things that affect us adversely. Please note, I said it was a normal REACTION, with the emphasis on reaction.

When someone says or does something that makes us feel not good about ourselves, and we react from a place of emotion, we are taking action based on how we feel because we are taking the actions of another personally. When we do, the filter of the emotions this causes will cloud our vision, often resulting in the actions you take not leading to a good result.

Better actions, better results. Better results, better life.

Dont Take It Personally

Sometimes advice is easier said than done, and that is certainly true of the idea of not taking things personally. After all, to change any long standing habit, takes time and the right tools. In this case, one tool which will make a significant difference rather quickly is compassion.

Compassion is the ability to be sympathetic and understanding of the situation another being is experiencing.

Often, when we know someone is going through a challenging time, we are more compassionate and easily forgive poor behavior. The reason it is easy to do so is because we are not taking their behavior personally. Since we know what they are up against, we understand it has nothing to do with us and forgiveness comes naturally.

What about when someone we do not know behaves poorly towards us? Or someone we do know when we are unaware that they are facing extreme challenges. We have no idea what they are going through so we tend to not give the benefit of the doubt. We react because we have allowed the actions of others to create negative thoughts and those negative thoughts do not feel good.

When we keep in mind that everyone is going through something, and act with compassion even when we do not know what the other’s personal challenges are, it frees us. We do not have to shake off any negative or feelings or emotions because, through selecting thoughts of compassion and forgiveness, you never have those feelings to begin with. It will even raise your vibrational energy because you are acting congruently with who you really are, a loving, caring, compassionate soul.

In my latest release, Diary of an Ugly Sweater, Sophie witnesses an encounter and explanation of compassion that sums it all up. I invite you to take 3 minutes to delight yourself with the excerpt found on the book’s webpage at:

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