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You are going to love, love, love this Self-Hypnosis: The Secret to Life-Changing Transformations Masterclass.

When you learn to master your emotions, you will master your life.

Our emotions arise from the way we are thinking and the negative beliefs those thoughts trigger. Since we create dissatisfaction in our minds, it makes sense that this is where we go to clean up the issues! Hypnosis is the fastest way to clean and clear the negative thoughts and beliefs we have adopted because you are able to reach the subconscious mind, the part of us that responds and reacts automatically. When you make changes to the subconscious mind, those changes can automatically become your new way of being and engaging in life.

This class will take you through:
💜Why we think the way we do (it’s really not your fault)
💜Top Hypnosis Myths
💜The structure of a hypnosis session
💜Dive into each section of the session with sample scripts
💜Creating Compelling Suggestions
💜Creating your own recording for yourself or others

💖Spiritually Enhanced Self-Love Audio Recording
💖Getting to Alpha State (an exercise from the Silva Method)

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