Emotional Wellness Monthly Feel Good Sessions

High functioning people understand that if they are going to make the biggest impact possible in the world, they have to be at peak performance. Being physically fit can definitely be an advantage yet being emotionally fit is critical.


This is true for all of us. Whether we are leaving an impact on the world through being devoted to raising our children, running a vital non-profit, or engaging in an exhaustive speaking tour to further an important message, we have to be fully present to solutions to grow our dreams and create the life we desire. If our mind is tied up with thoughts of the past that trigger negative self-talk and beliefs, we are not present to solutions and opportunities. If we place our attention of imagined negative outcomes (INOs) we are creating issues that are not there, rather than easing into the life we could otherwise have.


In a world with so much negativity, it is easy to slide back into the negative thought patterns that have been entrenched in our way of thinking. Especially when people or circumstances trigger old beliefs that cause us to feel uncapable or unworthy, seeped in doubts. We keep pushing to the point of exhaustion, always doing things to prove our value to the world.

Funny thing about that, we often know we are smart, deserving, more than enough with our conscious mind. Most of us have consciously spent time working on this. Yet if those old beliefs have not been cleared up in the SUBCONSCIOUS mind, you will feel those old feelings. And the contrast of knowing logically that you are smart, deserving, and more than enough and the feeling that you are not, makes us even more uncomfortable.


This is why I highly recommend that you invest in your emotional wellness. Having a monthly session to keep your thoughts and feelings flowing down the positive and empowering neuro pathways that we create for you, will keep you and your life moving in the right direction. The direction that YOU want it to go in.

Because when you master your emotions, you master your life!

Hypnosis, NLP, Success Coaching and Planning, and Empowerment Sessions are woven together and based on what is going on with you, we will select the process that will bring you to your goals the most quickly.

You know that how you feel is everything, and when you commit to an annual package of monthly sessions, you will make the time for yourself. This is your way of saying, “I am important. I do matter. I deserve to fearlessly embrace life and all it has to offer!”

Normal session pricing is $200 for an in-person session and $175 for a Zoom session. With the Emotional Wellness Package, your investment is greatly reduced.


You get to enjoy a Spa Day for your Soul! OMG you are going to love this! It is a 3 – 4 hour intensive where we go to the five major negative emotions, anger, fear, hurt, sadness, and guilt, and allow you to let these emotions go so you can make room for empowering thoughts feelings and beliefs.

Next we take all the positive and powerful suggestions we gathered while we were talking and massage them into your subconscious and let it soak in nice and deep. By activating the subconscious mind to think in a new way, you will find yourself happier, living with more ease, and creating more success in every area of your life.

It is a wonderful cycle when your internal harmony feeds your successes, 

and your success pours into your internal harmony!

Certainly you want this for yourself as much as I want this for you! You deserve this and when you can see yourself the way I KNOW you are, perfect, whole, complete, full of potential, creativity, wisdom and so much more, you will be able to live your purpose with passion and joy.


To learn more about this live changing immersion, please visit https://CassiEubank.com/Soul-Spa


$800 Value


During our time together and for a year our last session, you will have access to our Meditation Library where you will find a wide selection of hypnosis meditations to continue helping to sculpt your mind to perfection.

$432 Value

You will also receive a copy of my Miraculous Manifestation and Gratitude Immersion Journal and my Miraculous Manifestation Through Gratitude: 365 Days of Quotes to Uplift & Inspire You books to keep you vibing high, loving life, and immersed in one of the most powerful, peaceful, blissful states you can achieve!

$30 Value

When you make this commitment to yourself, you get special pricing

In Person (12 Sessions)


Paid in Full


Monthly with Annual Commitment

SAVINGS OF $600 + $1,262 in Bonuses

Zoom (12 Sessions)


Paid in Full


Monthly with Annual Commitment

SAVINGS OF $600 + $1,262 in Bonuses

When paid in full, you receive over $1,800 in savings and added value.

*If you miss a session for a month, it will roll over and be held for up to 6 months.

Call NOW or click the Schedule button to set up a time to talk. You always tell yourself you SHOULD get your mindset right, yet it is only when you turn your SHOULD into a MUST, that you will get where you want to go in life (and be much happier on the journey!)

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