Essential Oils are a beautiful gift of nature. They have magical abilities to calm us, support our immune system, possess antibacterial benefits for cuts, keep mosquitoes at bay… well the list of benefits from essential oils goes on and on.


One thing Essential Oils work very well on is calming us and there are several sweet smelling ways of reaching your goals of reducing the effects of stress and easing us off to a relaxing sleep.


  • Inhale ~ when inhaling, the effects of the oils start working right away. You can spray or dap some on your pillow or use a diffuser.
  • Apply ~ by putting oils on, mixed with a nice carrier oil, you allow the oils to soak into your skin and enter your bloodstream. So you have the added bonus of soft skin!
  • Drink up ~ some people will add Essential Oils to their beverages. Be sure you have a food grade Essential Oil and mix well if you go the ingestion route. I use Young Living. Honestly, I prefer one of the first two ways, but if you know if a good reason why ingestion is a superior delivery method, please leave comments below so we can all learn and grow.



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