Getting Results with the Right Coach or Advisor

Everyone wants to know how to get better results. Better results in losing weight, better results in our careers, better results in our relationships. It is the reason why so many people are turning to coaches and looking for advisors. We want to get where we want to go faster and with less effort. But how do we pick a good coach, or one that is right for us?

No matter how many raving fans a person has, look at their past clients. Just because a person is a good speaker, does not mean that they can teach you how to speak. Are their previous clients speaking? If they are teaching you to launch an info product, did the clients they have already taught create and sell lots of info products?

Talk to several clients of the person who you are thinking of taking on as an advisor. Ask the right questions. Are you getting results? Did they fulfill all their promises? Was the program worth the price you paid?

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