Gifts for You

The Beauty of Me Adult Coloring Book

30 Positive Affirmations For the Kid In You! A child’s brain operates in an alpha state, which is why they learn so much so quickly. As adults, we tap into our genius when we operate in an alpha state. Einstein would take naps to get into an alpha state and said his greatest ideas came to him during the twilight just before or after a little sleep.

Spiritually Enhanced Self-Love Meditation

The Spiritually Enhanced Self-Love hypnosis meditation will allow you to gain inner peace and joy to live your best life. What makes this meditation so transformative is it guides you to connect with Spirit so you can remember what Spirit/The Universe/The Divine already knows… you have so much value and you are so loved and appreciated.

I Am Filled With Gratitude eBook

30 Affirmations to Spark Your Gratitude. Gratitude is the greatest emotion you can feel. It allows you to vibrate at the frequency that attracts miracles to you. And it makes you feel good too!!! Take in 30 Days of Gratitude Affirmations that will rev up your gratitude and assist you in attracting your desires!!!

Rainbow Escalator Self-Love and Self-Confidence Meditation

This is the meditation that could change everything for you! As you descend the Rainbow Escalator, you will clear your chakras and restore your energy centers to align your body, mind, and spirit. Then be guided on a magical, mystical journey to self-love and self-confidence.

Holistic Hope - What Goes On Me Guide

In our fast-paced lives, personal grooming has become an integral part of our daily routine. We use a wide array of lotions, shampoos, and other personal care products to maintain our skin, hair, and overall appearance. However, what many people overlook is the crucial role that the quality and ingredients of these products play in our health.

The Alkalinity Advantage

You know that when we are healthy, we can focus our attention on living a fuller, more complete life. When we have aches and pains, they tend to occupy our thoughts, and when we are dealing with being unwell, all our focus goes there.

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