Health and Wellness for a Happy and Fulfilling life

Today I am going to get naked, totally transparent.

Health and wellness are key components of a happy and fulfilling existence.  I know this, and now it’s time to live it.

For me it is easy to say that I only have a few extra pounds to go (10 – 15 to be exact) so there is no urgency.  It’s also easy to pat myself on the back for being consistent about going to the gym (while I’m using that now sore arm to reach for the cake and candy I earned by going to the gym).  How’s that for logic?  So health and wellness have not taken a priority in my life until now.

Easy isn’t always best.

health and wellness

One of the great things about my work is that as I do research for the people I serve, I get to benefit from it as well.

Accountability and Follow Through

I’ve learned that if you are held accountable, you are much more likely to follow through and meet or exceed your goals.  For that reason I am holding myself accountable to you!  When I started going to the gym 5 days a weeks and posting about it, I always did it since I told everyone who is on Facebook I was going to.  It worked and going to the gym is now a habit.  I also found people messaging me and telling me how this helped them stay strong too.  Other people who want to do better, and know we are all stronger together than we are alone!

Yesterday I started posting in the Facebook group Free to Be Fit.  Although it’s a closed group, everyone is welcome.  I am making it a closed group because I will be posting pictures of myself and encouraging others to do the same.

Measure Your Results

When we measure our results, we get better results and I want everyone to feel comfortable posting their “before” photos if they wish.

This group is to set your intentions and post about your follow through.  We will cheer you on, offer you advice and encouragement and be grateful for your example as we inspire each other to live and play full out.


It is my intention to make moving my body part of my day at least 5 times a week.  I will eat foods that nourish me and avoid sugar, breads and pastas.  I will drink a green smoothie or make sure I get at least 2 dark green veggies in my diet.  I will drink warm lemon water to set the alkalinity in my body as soon as I wake up.  I will drink plenty of water and take time to practice intentional breathing each day.  I will post about my progress on a regular basis and upload a photo every 4 to 6 weeks. (Ut oh, now I have to do it!)

I am not over weight, but I am not in my peak physical condition.  It’s about time I take charge of my health and wellness and actively make choices that will lead to complete health.  I play full out in so many areas of my life, I now realize that it is imperative for me to really achieve the endurance, vitality and energy that I can have.

And it is so easy!

It takes 21 days to create a habit.  If you choose excellence every day for 21 days, it will become who you are.  Excellence will be as easy as breathing.  So little to give, my all for 21 days, to get so much back, a full and rewarding life experience.

Please join me by Clicking Here and join us.  You will find recipes, encouragement, what has worked or not worked for others, but mostly you find a group of people that want better and want to inspire and be inspired.

Success is a choice.  Better health is a choice.  Life is a choice.

Achieve Success

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Cassi Eubank

p.s. Did you get your free Empowerment Meditations yet? I want you to have them as my gift to you.

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