How much better would your life be if you treated yourself like a dog?

This morning started like any other morning. The first thing I do after leaving my bedroom is find and greet my amazing dog, Kai. My first morning ritual is showering her with love.

My beautiful German Shepard is a rescue dog that had been abandon and treated harshly, so as I rub her belly, I remind her she is perfect, she is safe, she is loved.

Yet this morning, as I sat, rubbing her belly, possibly getting as much enjoyment out of it as she was, a profound thought struck me. Why don’t we as humans, treat ourselves as good as we treat our dogs?

10 Ways You Should Treat Yourself Like a Dog!

  1. Start each day showering yourself with love!
  2. Remind yourself that you are perfect, you are safe, you are loved.
  3. Forgive yourself easily.
  4. Forget your mistakes quickly (holding onto the value in lessons learned).
  5. Show yourself unconditional love (and others).
  6. Practice non-judgement towards yourself (and others).
  7. Take more walks, or at least get out more, to enjoy this gorgeous world.
  8. Get playful!
  9. Eat well and eat often. Feed your body, your mind, and your soul.
  10. Live in the moment.

I probably won’t wake up and start scratching myself on the belly, yet with this realization, I have every intention to start appreciating myself more and being much gentler and kinder to myself. Can you get behind this idea too?

Please share in the comments how your life would improve if you treated yourself like this. 

Bonus Karma points, love and appreciation for sharing! xoxoxo

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