How to Network More Effectively ~ Ask the Purpose of Your Networking

If you want to know how to network more effectively, start by asking yourself the purpose of wanting to meet new people.

Social clubs are about meeting people with similar interests. You can select special interest social groups like yoga meetup groups, gardening or book clubs, although some may contend that book club is code for wine club. And you can find plenty of wine clubs too!

Meditation Circle

There are also spiritually based gatherings that include meditation circles, Reiki circles drum circles, sound healing gatherings and more. There are no shortage of spiritual gatherings if you know where to look.

Many times we wish to attend networking events to gain skills. Great examples of this are writing gatherings for authors, Toastmasters, chess club. Each of these is effective for teaching and helping to improve your skills while engaging in group activities.

Another good reason to network is to pick up new clients. In that case, you have to look it where your clients are hanging out and those are the places that you want to go.


Finding more resources for your projects and to achieve your goals can be a major objective for networking. Perhaps you’re putting together a new project and you need to meet people that can help you on that journey.

There are many Business clubs as well. They feature a monthly meeting where they have a speaker each month to teach the member something new. There’s also networking events where the speakers are meant to inspire you. At those networking events it’s all about making new contacts and people pass business cards throughout the reading. I have found many Chamber of Commerce meetings are like that. It can be a very effective way to meet new people, however, if you don’t follow up with the connections that you make, you’re wasting your time.

One of the most advantageous networking groups is the Mastermind Group. One of the benefits of masterminding is that, by sharing your idea with others, because they have had different experiences in life than you have had, they will come up with different ideas that might be very good for you. A mastermind group also gives you a place to test market your ideas to make sure they’re good ones before you move forward. How many times if we thought we had a fantastic idea only to realize it wasn’t all that great on further reflection. A mastermind group can save you a lot of time and money with that. You can also test market the wording in your social media posts and brochures as well as the visuals of the advertisements and content that you’re putting to make sure it is effective. A mastermind group gives you more personal resources, and when you show your mastermind group your why, why you’re so passionate about what you’re doing, you’ll develop a strong success team to elevate and support you.
The accountability that a mastermind group holds you too will hold you to a higher standard, and you will elevate your game just because you know people are watching. If you’re engaging any mastermind group to the fullest, you will also be setting weekly goals. Your goals are more likely to become accomplished when you tell other people you’re going to do them. Especially people that you like and respect. And now that you have a mastermind group of people who like and respect you, you know you’re going to get more business as well as being fulfilled by those connections of the heart.

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