Hypnotherapy Love Notes


What two high end business coaches and my therapist of 4 years could not did, Cassi accomplished in 3 sessions through her intuitive blend of hypnotherapy, NLP, Eye Movement Therapy and Metaphor Therapy.

All the brilliantly laid plans I created never came to fruition because of disempowering beliefs that I didn’t even realize I had! Now I easily achieve all my goals!

Breathwork brought to the surface what 4 years of psychotherapy didn’t and through regressions and EMT, I have cleared a few issues already and have now opened the door (and my heart) to a whole new world. I’m crushing it in business and loving life more than ever!


~Elizabeth Styles

Cassi is WOW!

I have advanced health conditions and because we addressed issues of emotional stress and negative beliefs, I was able to let go of negativity and now can focus my energy on my health! I am so much more relaxed and calm, and situations that were overwhelming me now seem manageable.

Cassi explained the hypnotherapy processes we were going to use and used my words, goals and intentions to customize my experience. I even got a personalized recording with background nature sounds that matched the “happy place” I described, as well as access to several other recordings that have solfeggio tones and binaural beats to deepen the effects of your recordings.

In one session I was able to feel a huge shift and after a few sessions, I am sleeping better and feeling better every day. I am now empowered with the tools and mindset to take back my life, all thanks to the work Cassi and I did together. I am beyond grateful.

I highly recommend Cassi to assist you with any of the many things hypnotherapy will help you resolve. She knows so many great methods and intuitively knows which ones will resonate best with you.

~Perri Baer, Massage Therapist

I highly recommend!

Hypnotherapy, similar to all therapeutic disciplines, can seem mysterious. It offers hope for achieving positive change. However, there is an element of needed trust in the process. Ultimately this comes down to the need to fully trust the therapist. Putting trust in Cassi Eubank is a no brainer. She is naturally caring and compassionate. She went out of her way to make me feel safe and open to change. I highly recommend her services. 

~Hattie Parker, MS Ed, Aura, Astrology, Numerology and Card Consultant 


The biggest thing for me is that I can completely trust Cassi, which is important when you are dealing with emotional issues and how they keep you from getting things you want or reaching your goals. Because of her dedication to her profession and a heart that truly cares, I feel safe going deep to the places that need to heal.

Through hypnotherapy and by utilizing NLP and other skills, Cassi used my wishes and desires to imprint a new way of looking at things. This helped me establish new behaviors that are automatic and easy.  I am now making choices that bring me closer to my goals every day. I have a new hope, joy and confidence in myself, knowing I can reach any goal I set for myself.

~Lenore Cardinale, Tanrific Mobile Tanning – the safe, all natural tan that comes to you.

I will definitely be seeing Cassi again! I had anxiety and fear when I was around oceans and bridges for several years. This fear kept me from doing many of the things I used to enjoy such as going to the beach and even affected my driving. After 90 minutes with Cassi, I was able to resume my water activities. I love her warm, caring nature and appreciated her skills in guiding me to the cause of this so I could be free of that phobia and anxiousness.


~Dr. Paula Liebeskind

If you are ready for real change then you have come to the right place. Cassi is an absolute professional. She is kind and understanding but above all those wonderful qualities, she helps you achieve REAL RESULTS! That is why I am going back and I tell everyone I can about her. She’s the real deal guys. When you are ready to heal and transcend your current life, BOOK YOUR APPOINTMENT!!!
~Laura Diaz
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