Mindset Mastery Intensives

You Have Set Your Intentions ~ Now Let’s Get Intense

Why Mindset Mastery is important for YOU!

Life happens in your mind. The filters you look through when processing the things that happen in life, and your relationship to them, determine whether you have a mediocre life or a life of happiness, achievement, impact, and contribution.

When you think happy, positive, empowering thoughts, you are able to create better outcomes, have richer relationships, and achieve your goals and dreams with much more ease and grace. You have a sense of inner calm, contentment, and gratitude.

Yet the world shares experiences with us that hurt us, confuse us, disappoint us. And because of this our brains get rewired to look for the negative, imagine the worse, and to hold harsh and untrue thoughts and beliefs about ourselves.

Clearly, you cannot live your best life, a life true to yourself and your desires, when you are locked in a cycle of negativity. Even if you achieve success in the things you do, you still will feel like there is something wrong.


And there is something wrong!


You are not meant to live that way. You are meant to engage in life, freely and fearlessly, using your emotions to guide you rather than control you.

You probably know that hypnotherapy is an easy and extremely effective way to resolve unwanted feelings and create better behaviors. Perhaps you have even heard that the most successful people use hypnosis to achieve the attitudes, behaviors, and motivation they need to take their lives next level.

Many people will decide to invest the time in clearing up a particular emotional issue or asking for help in dealing with life when things get so bad that the problems can no longer be ignored.

Yet there are an elite group of people that realize that mastering their mind and mastering their emotions will allow them to master life itself.


Even if you are crushing it in life, do you:

  • Worry about your future
  • Get caught up in negative thoughts and emotions
  • Feel like an imposter
  • Sometimes think that others have it better than you
  • Always push to prove yourself
  • Feel like you just can’t get it right
  • Find yourself focusing on what is going wrong
  • Feel disconnected

It doesn’t have to be that way!

You can train your mind to:

  • Understand your emotions and learn what they are telling you without allowing them to take over
  • Learn to focus on positive thoughts and emotions about you, your life, what you can accomplish
  • Feel comfortable, even thrilled about being yourself
  • Give up comparisons and love your life
  • Set comfortable boundaries and feel good about respecting yourself
  • Feel good about the path you are on and have clarity about the direction you wish to move in
  • Quickly identify obstacles and quickly turn them into opportunities
  • Tap into a sense of self-appreciation and belonging, feeling the bliss of connection
  • Develop an unstoppable state of mind
  • Live happier, healthier, and wealthier

You are here, at this moment in time for a reason.

Your time is now. Can you feel it too?


Perhaps you have always known that mastering your emotions was the key to mastering your mind, and it is the single most important thing you could do for yourself. You always knew this was the thing to do, and now you know how you can do it!


By working with me in one of my intensive mastery programs, you will train your mind to excel in life and find that the way you are thinking brings you happiness and joy as you create better outcomes and experiences in your life.



We kickstart each program with a clarity session so I can personalize your care.

Then, we use hypnosis to clear up your biggest blocks. This is three weeks of sessions in person or over Zoom, your choice.

After that I will hold your hand, each step of the way. Every week we will get laser focused one area of your life, starting with the areas that require the most attention. Our time together will be spent looking for any blocks in that area of your life, identifying what you want to create in that area of your life, then creating action step to be completed over the next week. Each week, you will get a new hypnosis recording to compliment your goals in that area of your life.

Think of it like braces for your teeth. In order to continue guiding your teeth into that perfect smile each month, you need a new mold. Each mold is slightly different than the last and designed to bring you closer to that movie star smile you desire.

Likewise, you want to guide your mind into this new, more natural, and supportive way of thinking, a little at a time. It has taken your whole life to lock in the disempowering thoughts and beliefs that keep you from living in perfect harmony, feeling great about yourself, your life, and the world around you. By committing to investing this time in learning to think like the ridiculously happy, incredibly wealthy, and highly successful people that master their emotions, you set yourself up for permanent success.


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