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Clinical Hypnotherapist and “Mindset Ninja” Cassi Eubank is on a mission to guide people past the negative emotions and patterns that keep them from their best life. Her intensive training and decades of experience, allow her to go deep to the root cause of any known or hidden issues to resolve them.


Cassi serves her clients by taking them to the beliefs that are keeping them blocked or stuck and helping to resolve them with love and compassion, so clients can remember who they are at a soul level and tap into the field of infinite possibilities.


Having lived her dreams of singing in a rock band to thousands of people, producing her own TV show which served a quarter of a million households, hosting three radio shows, and publishing over a dozen books, Cassi knows how to breathe life into dreams to make them real.


Cassi’s fun, engaging way of sharing new perspectives will enthrall your listeners and cause them to shift their perspectives and empower them to elevate every aspect of their lives and inspire them to make their dreams real as well.

Suggested Interview Questions

  • From fronting a rock band that opened for Kansas, The Doobie Brothers, Huey Lewis and the News and more to 5 years on the Fox network as the host and producer of the Home Grown Music TV show, what caused you to go from being in the spotlight to helping others shine their own light?
  • What one piece of advice would you give people with big goals or who want to take a bigger stage in life?
  • I understand that it’s great to feel good, but how can mastering your emotions lead to financial freedom and reaching your goals faster and easier?
  • Why is mastering your mindset the first skill every entrepreneur must focus on?
  • Although you are lovingly referred to by your clients as the Mindset Ninja, how do you take people from feeling good, to becoming high performance achievers?
  • Tell us more about your 5 Principles of Prosperity
  • You have confessed that you used to be a compulsive liar. What is up with that?
  • And how does searching for evidence, or treasure as you call it, help you tell yourself better lies?
  • What is your So What? philosophy?
  • How do you initially heal past traumas or the memories of the events that were the genesis of these untrue stories?
  • You talk about stories a lot. Why are our stories so important?
  • You have done a lot of work with people on Beginner’s Syndrome. What is that and how does it hinder people?
  • If you could share one thing with our audience today, what suggestion would you give them?

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