January Expansion & Growth Calendar

January is the month that people make resolutions, and set new goals, as well as recommitting to previous goals.


That never worked for me. I would create the best version of myself in my mind and strive to be perfect. Naturally, I would fail at that perfect thing and then I would lower my expectations to feel better.


Now, instead, I practice expansion and growth as often as I can. For me, it’s not about becoming the perfect version of me, it’s about naturally expanding and growing into a BETTER version of me.



I hope the following calendar gives you some ideas and PLEASE, share your ideas with me too! I would LOVE to learn some of the things you do that allow you to expand and grow!

January ~ Expansion & Growth



There are many ways to expand beyond what we know, what is familiar to you. Try some of these fun ideas and you will be a new you by the end of the month!


January 1

Read a New Genre – If you are a fiction reader, try a biography or historical piece. If you lean towards self-help, perhaps think of something science fiction or a good romance novel.


January 2

Find a Podcast – There are many interesting topics to broaden your perspective or enjoy a mystery podcast as you follow the story. You can explore podcasts on various subjects, from science to spirituality.


January 3

Take a Class – Enroll in courses or workshops on topics that interest you. Maybe you always wondered about glass blowing, tennis, or floral arranging. Go for it.


January 4

Learn a New Language – Challenge your mind by learning a new language. It doesn’t matter if you are going there anytime soon. If you learn it, (sooner or later) you will go…


January 5

Watch a Documentary – Explore documentaries on topics outside your usual interests to expand your mind.


January 6

Write Regularly – Expressing your thoughts through writing allows you to clarify and solidify ideas. It also allows you to work through emotions and move to a more harmonious internal state.


January 7

Practice Meditation – It is easier than you think. Cultivating inner peace and self-awareness through meditation is as easy as listening to one of the many YouTube meditations available. You simply let go of surrounding thoughts and follow the voice. More advanced meditators have practices that include mantras or staying in silence, but anyone can do this!


January 8

Connect with Nature – Spend time outdoors to rejuvenate your soul. Going barefoot in the grass or in the sand by the sea or a lake is especially beneficial for keeping you grounded.


January 9

Explore Spirituality – Engage in practices that resonate with your spiritual beliefs. Gathering with people that vibe at the same frequency as you is an energetic lift!


January 10

Journaling for Reflection – Journaling to reflect on your thoughts, emotions, and spiritual growth can be life-changing. Not only can you process and come to new understandings about yourself and your life, but you can also look back and see how far you have come.


January 11

Practice Gratitude Daily – Starting each morning thanking your lucky stars is the perfect way to start your day! Acknowledge and appreciate the blessings in your life, from people to health to all the little conveniences available to you.


January 12

Engage in Acts of Kindness – I know this was the theme for our December calendar, but it is a good practice to keep up! For ideas, visit December ~ Kindness & Giving Calendar – Cassi Eubank Hypnotherapy.


January 13

Volunteer Regularly – From senior homes to hospitals, to animal shelters, there is no shortage of places that can use your help. You will learn new things, meet new people, and expand your horizons. Contribute your time and skills to causes you believe in.


January 14

Explore Different Healing Modalities – Try Meditation, Yoga, Reiki, Shaktipath, Sound Healing or other holistic practices. It’s good for your body and your soul!


January 15

Listen to a New Genre of Music – If rock n roll is your thing, put some classical music on for an hour or so (or anything new that strikes your fancy).


January 16

Attend Performances – When you experience live music, theater, or dance performances, it brings your senses to life!


January 17

Create Art – There are so many forms of art to engage in, and artistic expression through painting, music, or crafts keeps your mind younger.


January 18

Learn About Different Cultures – Read about diverse cultures and traditions. Go online and see if there are any culture-rich areas close by where you can explore the shops and traditions.


January 19

Explore Different Cuisines – Set up an International Night once a week and experiment with cooking international dishes.


January 20

Participate in Cultural Festivals – Start looking online now for upcoming cultural events or festivals. Immersing yourself in diverse cultural celebrations allows you to see the world in a whole new way!


January 21

Explore Architecture – Learn about architectural marvels from different regions. European buildings are quite fascinating, especially when you explore what was going on when the buildings were created. Like, what’s up with the gargoyles?


January 22

Take Up a New Sport or Hobby – Think back to things you loved doing before life got so busy. Challenge yourself physically and/or mentally.


January 23

Engage in Brain Teasers or Puzzles – Whether you are playing on your phone, doing crosswords, or putting together a jigsaw puzzle, stimulating your mind with puzzles or riddles will keep you sharp!


January 24

Set and Achieve Goals – Challenge yourself to achieve personal or professional goals. It doesn’t have to be a new year’s thing, it can be an “I just keep getting better” thing.


January 25

Explore New Skills – Learn skills that are outside your comfort zone. Yep, I said it. The good stuff lies on the edge and beyond. You never know what you are capable of or what new things will ignite a flame in you until you try them. (Just don’t pick anything that will freak you out. You can take it one step at a time, gaining confidence with each new expansion!)


January 26

Learn Musical Instruments – Cultivate creativity and discipline through music. You can learn a new instrument or learn about musical instruments and the cultures they come from. Set aside time to experience the magic of music and get swept away in the universal language of sound.


January 27

Take a Public Speaking Course – Communication is one of the biggest parts of life. Improve communication skills and confidence by signing up for a class or joining a world-class organization like Toastmasters.


January 28

Start a DIY Project – Engage in hands-on projects where you create something. Bird feeders, homemade soaps, woodworking, or anything else that you wish to adorn your home with or gift to a friend.


January 29

Participate in Mental Challenges – Join escape rooms, chess clubs, or logic puzzle clubs.


January 30

Participate in Group Activities – Join clubs or groups focused on shared interests.


January 31

Practice Active Listening – Learn from others by listening attentively and empathetically. Make it a game by waiting until the conversation is over and writing down three things they said that were impactful or important to them.






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