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KYSS ~ Kick-start Your Skinny Self

Have you struggled with your weight? 

Do you watch what you eat and do moderate exercise but still can’t drop the excess pounds? 

Have you just quit trying because getting to your ideal weight and being healthy seems like it’s out of reach?


If even one of those sentences describes how you feel, you are not alone. With the movies, television shows and magazines making us feel like we can never look good enough, and all the information thrown at us about how to finally lose the weight and reclaim our health, it is easy to get overwhelmed and unclear about how to set and reach your goals.

I know how you feel, because there was a time when I felt the same way.

It does not have to be that way!  I know this first hand!

I had always enjoyed being very thin, never over 113 lbs.  Until……

At the age of forty, I started traveling for work.  It meant working long stressful hours and going back to a hotel room where I just laid on my bed for a half hour before I had to go to sleep and get up for another long 12 – 18 hour day.  I was not exercise or moving my body at all.  It seemed like the only thing moving was my scale.  Up and up and up.  I was mortified.  In the past, all I had to do was stop eating snacks after 9 at night and I would drop the extra stomach love within a day or two.  Now, I felt out of control with my weight and eating habits.  After a day that long, dinner was the cookies I got from the snack shop in the hotel lobby.  I had no time to shower AND eat properly.  And I pride myself on not smelling, so cookies and junk food it was!  Then there was the serotonin kick I would get from the chocolate and treats that made me feel better when I was doing such a stressful job.  Combine that with early menopause creeping up on me and bam, I was down. I finally knew what it was like to struggle and get nowhere.

I know where you may be with your weight and health concerns.  I was there as well, for too long a time.  Which is why I have spent so much time learning, training and becoming certified in different practices that can make weigh release, easy, effective and permanent.

How will your life improve when you are your ideal weight and feeling healthy?


green_gel_check  Having More Energy

green_gel_check  Waking Up Revitalized

green_gel_check Easily and Effortlessly Making Better Choices Regarding Your Health

green_gel_check Getting Excited About How You Look

green_gel_check Having Fun Shopping For Clothes Again

green_gel_check Feeling Great When putting On Your Skinny Jeans

green_gel_check Enjoying A More Active Lifestyle

green_gel_check Being Confident About Your Appearance

green_gel_check Feeling Good About Treating Yourself Right

green_gel_check Naturally Selecting Nourishing Foods

green_gel_check Eliminating Cravings for Foods that Do Not Support Your Health Goals



Don’t think you can, KNOW YOU CAN!

om-50  Weight Release Will Be Easier For You

om-50  You Will Get Faster Results

om-50  Get Tools that You Can Always Use

om-50  Create Habits of Excellence That Will Cause You to Excel

om-50  Be More Confidence

om-50  Have More Fun When You Shop for Clothes

om-50  Feel Better

om-50  Look Better

om-50  Love Your Life

om-50  Love Yourself


Through awareness, hypnosis, creating empowering beliefs and being given clear steps with a personalized plan, you will walk away with everything you need to ensure your success.  You will be taught the latest techniques and strategies for a natural and permanently healthy lifestyle. Through the experiences that are designed for you, you will be able to release what is not serving you and make room for that which will propel you to achieve your goals in less time and with less effort than ever before.


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Step by Step Guidance Through Experiential Exercises

During your one day workshop you will ~

om-50 Identify what is holding you back

om-50 Identify what you will gain when you lose

om-50 Learn several processes for clearing limiting beliefs

om-50 Enjoy the benefits hypnosis to remind your subconscious mind of its objective to keep you healthy

om-50 Use Neuro Linguistic to eliminate cravings for foods that are not good for you

om-50 Set up realistic goals

om-50 Talk about overall health and tricks to speed your weight loss

om-50 Enjoy a healthy lunch

om-50 Try 10 different samples of smoothies so you can rate them in your smoothie recipe book

om-50 Learn the art of Intentional Eating and Eating Awareness

om-50 Set up your personal system for success in the area of health

om-50 Confidently step into action


This intimate retreat will host 10 people or less to ensure personalized attention for you.

You will walk away with ~

om-50 A list of empowering beliefs to keep you focused

om-50  A strong picture of your goal

om-50  A clear understanding of your why

om-50  A closer connection with your soul self

om-50  A natural desire to make better choices due to hypnosis

om-50  Tools you can use to stop cravings

om-50  Tools you can use to reduce how much you eat

om-50  Confidence in the results you will get

om-50  Action Guide

om-50  Personal Goal Planning

om-50  Meditation recording to reinforce your commitment (a $25 value)

om-50  Healthy Recipes book (a $20 value)

om-50  Addition to the FB Group KYSS

om-50  21 Days of Morning Calls

om-50  21 Days of Daily Encouragement

om-50 Support Group

om-50  Accountability Team

om-50  21 Days of Daily Motivation


Register now for the KYSS Intensive Retreat

(Kick-start Your Skinny Self)

Original Price $197

For a Limited Time Only $147

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Including Lunch, Smoothie Sampling, Action Guide, Weight Release Meditation CD and more!

Next Workshops

Sunday September 21, 2014

10 am – 3 pm

Boca Raton, FL

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