Life Balance – 10 Ways to Get it Back

Life BalanceDo you remember the last time you put your clothes in the washer and they got out of balance?  With the bulk of the garments shifted to one side, the washing machine will slowly start spinning off center, until, at the peak of spin cycle, the whole metal box is shaking and gyrating like it was possessed by demons!

The same thing happens in life.  Often we spend all our time working.  Our social life is non-existent and we are not taking care of our health.

 10 Ways to Know You are Out of Balance

1. When you do get home from work, do your spouse and children ask you your name?

2. Does your list of current friends only have your pet’s name on it?

3. Are you having a hard time sleeping or sleeping well?

4. Do you run late to meetings and appointments?

5. Is your work area cluttered?

6. Do you stay late at work because you want to stand out and prove you are a team player?

7. Do you have more appointments than you can comfortably handle?

8. Are you out of shape?

9. Do you notice that you lose your temper?

10. Do you obsess on detail, needing perfection in all you do?

10 Ways to Get Back in Balance

1. Take a day to clear the clutter.

2. Schedule your week and enter in time for the 3 Big F’s.  Your friends, family and fun.

3. Schedule in some physical activity that you will find pleasing.

4. Practice Intentional Breathing.

5. Meditate.  It really works.

6. Find time for gratitude.

7. Take no more than 5 minutes to mentally review your day to access how you can do better.  Once you have extracted any needed lessons, let go and resolve to make tomorrow even better.

8. Schedule an event you would love to do for next month.  You will have something to look forward to.

9. Call an old friend.

10. Set a limit on how much you are going to work.  Do not get so busy working for your future that you let what you have now slip by unappreciated.

Life Balance Infused With a Little Fun

Decide what is important to you and make a conscious effort to allocate time to those things, all of them and in equal measures.  When your life is in balance and you infuse it with a little fun, you will be able to enjoy what you already have and create even greater results than you imagined.

Thanks and have a wonderful day.

Cassi Eubank

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