Overcoming Fear by Imagining the Victory

I love being an international life coach and if you have seen the rest of the video series to help you overcome your fear, you know I enjoy reaching out to you by way of video and other methods.

I’m going to talk to you about living in the future: this is where you can run into a lot of worries and stress … and this is where you kind of get caught up in fear.

You worry about what is coming, when half of the time, those things never even happen to you.

Overcoming Fear – Clear Your Fear Video Series Day 3 of 10

Whether it’s an interview for a new job, whether it’s a test that’s coming up, or a project, or a speech, basically, what you’re worried about is an undesired outcome.

What happens when you worry about an undesired outcome, it causes fear inside of you.

Your thoughts are:

  • It might not turn out well.
  • What if it doesn’t turn out good?
  • What if I fail the test?
  • What if I don’t get a good grade?
  • How’s that gonna affect my future?
  • How’s that gonna affect my self-esteem?

Forget about the future. Forget about all the other ramifications like self-esteem.

Are You Closing the Door to Solutions?

Now, when you keep talking like that, you’re closing off any solutions that are coming your way… when you say ‘what if I fail?’ I know that a lot of people say, ‘failure is not an option’, again, they’re calling for failure in the future.

Success is the Only Avenue

What I like to say, is, ‘success is the only avenue’. That opens the door for success and possibilities.

So when you’re saying, ‘what if I do poorly on the test?’, that’s what you’re bringing into your existence, because that’s how the law of attraction works.  Does it ever help you? No, it doesn’t.

Some people think that maybe it motivates them.  But you know what? I’ve got a much better idea for you.

Think About How Great the Future Will Be

If you’re worried about a test, or the job outcome, why not think about the future, think about that test, think about rocking that test, think about nailing that test, think about how great you did on that test.

Imagine the Victory

Turn yourself from a victim to a victor. Don’t have those victim thoughts of ‘what if I do so bad?’, ‘what if I don’t do well?’. Have the Victor Thoughts:

  • I’m gonna be victorious!
  • I’m gonna rock this, I’m gonna nail this!

Why don’t you set a reservation at a great restaurant to celebrate that success?

Own Your Success

Know it’s yours, own that success! Right now, own that victory! Make it yours.

When you are coming from a place like that, when you’re coming from a place of solutions, and possible outcomes, you’re gonna have better solutions and outcomes.

So, whether it’s a problem at work, whether it’s a test, whether it’s a job interview, by opening yourself up to positive solutions, you’re going to get positive solutions.

It works wonderfully that way.

Sometimes in the future, you think about irritation over ‘this person might do this, or they might do that’, you might have envy, you might have comparisons; you might be impatient about things. None of those are going to bring you closer to your goals.

There’s really no reason to envy anybody else, in the entire world.

You are the Best YOU Possible

You are the best ‘you’ possible.

You are fantastic at being you.

You are amazing.

So why would you compare yourself to anybody else?

Albert Einstein said “Everybody is a genius, but if you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, it will live its whole life believing that it is stupid.”  I love that quote, because we are unique.

Cherish Your Gifts

We each have our own gifts. Cherish the things that you have in your life. Be grateful for all of your wonderful things, that you have.

You don’t have limitations, those are just anything that you have that you might consider a limitation, they’re challenges to help you grow. They’re wonderful learning tools.

So, envy: lose the envy. And impatience. Impatience: everything is going to happen in its own time. So, why would you stress or worry about it? Relax. Enjoy what’s going on around you now.

Live in The Now

You always have thoughts of the past; regrets, resentments, or worse; worry about the future. But when you live in the now, and enjoy what’s going on around you, that’s when all the magic happens.

So don’t be impatient if traffic is slow, enjoy the song on the radio. Call somebody… if you’re in a state where you’re allowed to make phone calls, I don’t wanna get anyone in trouble out there.

Get rid of the worry, get rid of the resentment, get rid of all those negative thoughts for the past and the future.

What If – Opens the Door to Possibilities

Use that ‘what if’ power. Instead of saying ‘what if I fail?’, say ‘what if I succeed?’.  Ask yourself ‘How much better is life going to be, when I succeed’.

Open up the doors to possibilities. If you look towards the future, overcome your fears by envisioning a positive future. Envision great things coming. Don’t envision anything that’s going to be failure; envision your success, embrace it now, and it certainly will come to you.

Thank you for joining me for another week of Overcoming Your Fear.

You’re gonna be getting one of these each week, if you signed up for my video series, if you’ve bought the package, then great, you can watch ’em all one after the other, but do overcome your fears, because if you’re living in fear, you’re not living free.

To me, if you’re not living fearless and free, you’re just not living.

I will see you next week, for episode four and thanks for sticking with it.

Overcoming your fear is a great gift you can give to yourself, so make sure you check out all of the ten in the ten series, here.

Have the best day ever!
Cassi Eubank

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