How to Be More Successful Through The 5 Principles of Prosperity: Principle One ~

In the Five Principles of Prosperity, the first principle is to


In doing so, it is important to understand the three main sources of our beliefs, how they are initially formed, how they affect us and how we can transform them into strong, empowering beliefs. This will be a four part series because I want you to have the overview, yet it is more important that I can share practical, fun and easy things for you to practice so that your belief system becomes one of your super powers and you develop the skills to manifest like a magician. 

I will go into detail into each of the three main sources of our beliefs systems and how to improve them in other articles.


Thought Belief Emotion Action Result

It is important to keep in mind that your thoughts create your beliefs, your beliefs create your emotions, your emotions determine your actions and your actions will decide your outcome.



This is why those who practice selecting the right thoughts seem to lead a charmed life and things magically happen for them. When selecting the right thoughts becomes second nature, you will realize your desired outcomes easily and joyously.

The first source of our beliefs comes from our past. The experiences we have had are what we base our beliefs about ourselves on. Our thoughts are triggered by what we have seen and heard.
It is important then, that we go back to the past and explore each of the experiences and occurrences that caused us to think the thoughts of doubt which created the limiting beliefs that keep us from a life unlimited. Once we resolve the issues, we will learn a new appreciation for ourselves and develop that true self-love that will allow you to joyously live each day of your life.

Once we have made peace with and come to embrace our past, it will free us to have the courage and vision to create an extraordinary future as well as allow us to fully immerse ourselves into the present. These are the other two areas that determine our beliefs.

Anatomy of a Belief

The emotions that are triggered by the beliefs created from our thoughts of our past are responsible for our level of self- esteem and self-love. When we love ourselves it is easier to believe in our abilities and it is through your belief in your abilities that you will have the confidence and courage to take the action you need to get your desired outcome. There are many things you can do to improve your confidence and once you believe in yourself, (past beliefs) and feel good about your future (you are confident that you will achieve your goals), you will be able to keep your focus on the things in life you have to be grateful for in the present. This will keep your energy vibrating at a higher frequency and will allow you to manifest your desired outcome with incredible ease.

When you transform your thoughts about the past and your potential future to thoughts of empowerment, you truly will transcend and rise above, breaking free of all illusion of limitations to live a transcended life.

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