How to Gain Prosperity Through the 5 Principles of Prosperity: Principle Four ~

Focus on Solutions

I will be so bold as to say that all people who achieve extraordinary things and know how to be highly successful in life, practice solution focused thinking. It is the fourth of The 5 Principles of Prosperity and although the first three principles will allow you to have the things you want faster and easier, it is this fourth principle, keeping focused on the possible solutions, that is critical.

A quick review of The 5 Principles of Prosperity are

1 Create Strong Beliefs

2 Keep Your Vibration High

3 Get Clear

4 Focus on Solutions

5 Take Empowered Action

Think about it for a moment. When you hit a problem, challenge or issue, our first response is to want to take inventory of the situation. We instinctively do this so that we can find the best solution and this assessment process is very necessary.

Where we often go wrong is the issue scares us or sparks a reaction of doubt about our ability to get the outcome we want or feel we need to have. When we have that emotional attachment to an issue, it is harder to let go of the problem and shift our focus to possibilities for correcting and even improving on where we were in that situation originally.

It is important to remember, every thought will bring you closer to a solution or further away from it. When we engage in thoughts of fear, doubt, regret, over choices that may have caused the problem, we are moving away from a resolution with a positive outcome.

This is why it is so important to acknowledge the issue, assess the situation without any emotional attachment, then jump into a mindset where you creatively engage in solution based thinking. The more you focus on potential solutions, the more possibilities you will envision. These new possibilities will spark other ideas that will be even better. You will be moving towards a much better outcome than you initially intended with each empowered thought.

Ask questions ~ of yourself and others.

What are other options open to you? What other ways can this be dealt with? Who are the people you can align with so build the team you need to realize your objectives?

This is a simple step yet do not think it is easy (at first)!

For the majority, we are conditioned to talk about problems. We hear it on the news. Others complain and we jump in to let them know they are not alone with our own complaints. We vent. We stay upset. We can even let someone mindlessly cutting us off on the road keep us in a negative space for the rest of our ride.

Just like any other change of habit, it takes practice before it is easy. It’s the way your brain is wired. Because we are conditioned to look for the bad in a situation, in order to “protect” ourselves, the synapsis in our brains find it easy to fire these messages. There is a bridge that makes transmitting these kinds of thoughts, the easiest path for your thoughts to take.

By stopping to ask yourself if this thought is helping you get closer to your desired outcome, you can decide if it is a thought you need to contemplate to help find solutions or one that you would be best to dismiss as quickly as possible.

Soon solution based thinking will be the easiest path if you stick with it, and that’s when things really get good. Opportunities and possibilities will come at you from all directions and abundance will fill your life. This principle will bring all you want to your doorstep. In principle five of The 5 Principles of Prosperity, I will share how you can open the gifts that have been hand delivered to you. Then you will have all you need to get anything you want in life. And when you apply these principles to your life, you will have everything you want in life.

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