Quantum Eye Movement Therapy®

What is QEMT or Quantum Eye Movement Therapy®?

Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist and NLP practitioner Cassi Eubank developed Quantum Eye Movement Therapy®, or QEMT, when working with clients dealing with extreme feelings of anxiety, traumas, fears, unwanted behaviors and feeling blocked.

While Quantum Eye Movement Therapy® is an innovative new emotional healing technique, the processes used in this therapeutic system of treating trauma, anxiety and other emotional and behavioral issues are proven and time tested. It is the culmination of these processes and how they are weaved together that brings even greater relief than other methods, in a shorter amount of time.

Quantum Eye Movement Therapy®, or QEMT, is a groundbreaking and focused approach to assisting people who have experienced or witnesses traumatic events to process those events and release the negative cognitions they have surrounding those events. This process also works extremely well on other unwanted emotions that come up because of events or perceptions that our mind is not able to deal with.

A QEMT session starts with a thorough intake of what part of the memory triggers the unwanted emotions or behaviors caused by the experience and all the emotions and beliefs it brings up. The desired state is then elicited and a safe place is created in the mind of the client.

With this information, a trained Quantum Eye Movement Therapy® practitioner will use eye movements that are bilateral, diagonal, and figure eight, taking you from the negative state to the new, empowered, positive state of mind. There are 10 cycles of eye movements done with the process,  each slightly different to reinforce and imprint the new positive state.

Using Eye Movement Therapy, Truth Talk, and Neuro Linguistic Programming, QEMT is based on research that shows how our brain’s natural ability to process information and heal can be overwhelmed and stop working when we experience a trauma or other negative or challenging experiences that feel like too much to deal with. Studies have shown that eye movement therapy done while the therapist is guiding a client through the memory from a safe place, can effectively facilitate the healing process. By alleviating the negative cognitions and emotions, QEMT allows clients to release the cause of anxiety, traumatic symptoms, flashbacks and destructive coping strategies like isolating behaviors or self-medicating with drugs or alcohol.

According to the EMDR Research, EMDR (Eye Movement De-Sensitizing Reprocessing), a similar process developed in 1990, has been clinically validated in more than 30 randomized, controlled studies, which is the gold standard for clinical studies.

Yet QEMT expands upon the EMDR process in several ways.

Why It Works (Better)

The similarities are the use of eye movement to facilitate change. This works because the client’s eyes are moving from right to left you are moving from the right hemisphere of the brain deals with memories and emotions and the left hemisphere deals with solving problems and logic.

QEMT uses bi-lateral eye movements, as well as diagonal movement and sideways figure eight movements. This yields better results because of the way people learn and process information. People can be visual, olfactory (react and relate more to smells), auditory (react and relate more to sounds), or kinesthetic (more to touch, feeling).

The way we process is stored in different areas of our mind and by guiding the eye movement of the client to all areas of their vision, it can cause a faster and easier transformation.

How It Works

In the first part of a QEMT session, a thorough intake is completed, and your therapist will carefully craft phrases that clear and release the negative impact of disturbing memories, and the emotions and behaviors that they trigger. During the intake, the client will be asked to rate the degree of discomfort, anxiety, or negative emotions that come up when tapping into the memory that triggers the feelings.

Next, the client will undergo approximately 10 cycles of eye movement therapy, using movements that go side to side, diagonal in both directions and figure eight in both directions. During some cycles, the client will process the desired image over the traumatic one. Throughout other cycles, your therapist will repeat phrases that your subconscious mind will imprint while you are in the trance-like state because of the eye movement. Because these phrases include reminders about how you are loved, valued, have an important purpose in this world and are safe, the part of your mind in charge of worrying can let go, knowing there is no need to work so hard at worrying because everything is good, or better than good.

In other cycles, the client will be guided through an NLP visualization technique that will allow the old picture of the trauma, anxiety, fear, or behavior, to fade to nothingness while the new, empowered picture of how the client wants life to be springs to life and the client steps into the future they are creating.

Summary of Quantum Eye Movement Therapy® ~ QEMT

Through QEMT, individuals are able to process traumatic memories so that the negative charge around those memories is dissipated and the disruptive symptoms are alleviated. The degree of trauma decides the number of sessions needed before exposure to traumatic memories or similar events that still occur in an individual’s life, no longer trigger disturbing feelings and negative symptoms.

Help for Our Heroes

QEMT is perfect for first responders, law enforcement, emergency department medical personnel, and our veterans and others who deal with extreme stress on a regular basis. The trauma these heroes go through in the line of duty can be overwhelming and lead to depression, broken marriages and relationships, suicidal thoughts and even suicide. Yet even the stress and trauma of everyday life can also trigger the need to find a better way to process the events and experiences that we all go through.

We offer a Trauma Toolkit training where we can give your heroes the tools to cope with trauma better and use these tools to help the victims of trauma that they encounter. We also offer customized Trauma Treatments for the heroes that serve their communities in trauma based careers.


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