Life Coach and Executive Producer and Host of Believe and Receive Radio show Cassi Eubank


November 13, 2013 – Special guest Karen Truhon shares her wisdom and gifts as she explores Theta healing and takes us on a guided experience.  She is a Reiki healer, a Hypnotist, a Theta Healer and so much more.  The intuitive ways of weaving these modalities is unique and effective.  Karen Truhon is a woman worth knowing so get to know her here on Believe & Receive Radio.


October 23, 2013 – Who Does She Think She Is? ~ Get up close and personal with Cassi Eubank as she answers the question, “Who Does She Think She Is?”.  She will share insight and invite you to ask yourself the same question, “Who do you think you are?” and encourages you to make sure your answer if one that you really like!


October 16, 2013 – Live Fearless & Free ~ Cassi Eubank has discovered that overcoming fear is the first step to making life work for you.  Once you learn to clear your fear, you can decide what you really want and who you really are now that you are free to be yourself.  You views of what you are and can do will no longer be tainted by negative emotions or fears.  You will be able to step into the field of infinite possibilities and create a life of passion and abundance.  Join us to learn more about overcoming your fear.  Learn to live fearless & free.


 October 9, 2013 – Meet Sherinata Pollock as she talks about Creating Your Magic!  Sherinata is a gift intuit with a healing ability.  She has a special technique for clearing your energy in seconds and she brings her knowledge and vivacious personality to Believe & Receive radio.  Listen to Sherinata’s zenlightening talk and hear about her fascinating workshops that are coming up.


October 2, 2013 – Special guest Karen Allyne Means is a force of nature.  She has started and continues to run HERLife magazine, a chic upscale mag for women in the Fort Lauderdale to Fort Pierce areas.  Her range of articles holds a great appeal to women in all walks of life.  Karen is a leader in her community, serves on many boards and is very generous with her time and helping others.  She has received so many awards of recognition for her amazing service to the community that it would take all day to read it.  Mother, wife, great friend, compassionate volunteer and community leader, Karen Alleyne Means proves that you can be a superwoman and have it all!

September 25, 2013 – Raven Dana is a Life Coach, author, and she creates and facilitates workshops across the country.  Authentic, funny and down to earth, Dana possesses uncommon common sense and is a keen observer and expert “people reader” with an uncanny ability to recognize core issues and see through patterns with speed and accuracy.  She shows people how to come to their senses and leave the jail of old mental habits -to engage their larger intelligence and creative genius and move from self- sabotage to satisfaction by uncovering the deeper language of the mind.  

September 18, 2013 – Overcoming Fear: Clear Your Fear.  Often we become so accustom to making choices and decisions based on what we think we can have or are capable of rather than what we really want to do.  These false beliefs (I’m too old, there’s not enough time, I don’t deserve it) keep us from living the extraordinary life that we are meant to have.  Learn some tricks and techniques to clear your fears so you can enter the field of infinite possibilities where you can do have or be anything you want!

September 11, 2013 – Just Breathe.  Intentional breathing can give you a multitude of benefits.  Learn the why and the how of deep intentional breathing.

September 4, 2013 – Holiday replay of How Do You Like Your Eggs   

August 28, 2013 – Special guest Betsy Otter Thompson will be joining us to discuss how she used the Law of Attraction to get inspired, write a book and get it published.  Her book, “What Happens If I…” calls to attention the fruitlessness of the negative side of life and how much more you can benefit from stepping into the light.    


August 21, 2013 – Sharri Stailey is back!  There was such a great response to my guest, Astro Numerologist Sharri Stailey that I had to bring her back.  This time we will recap my numbers and talk about what this means and how I can use this information the live a more enriched life.  She is leaving the offer out there so you too can get your numbers deciphered for you AT NO CHARGE!!!


August 14, 2013 – How Do You Like Your Eggs? – Get in Touch With Yourself and Meet Your Best Friend  In the movie “The Runaway Bride”, Ike, the reporter played by Richard Gere calls Maggie (Julia Roberts) out because she does not know what kind of eggs she likes.  With each of her ex-fiance’s, she loved the same eggs they did.  Being a chameleon, she never really learned what she liked.  Have fun asking yourself a few questions and really thinking about the answer.  Do you like scrambled eggs because there are so many people you make breakfast for and that is easiest to prepare?   YOU ARE A WONDERFUL, MAGNIFICENT BEING OF LIGHT AND WHEN YOU REALLY GET TO KNOW YOURSELF, YOU WILL HAVE FOUND YOUR BEST FRIEND IN LIFE!


August 7, 2013 – Be Happy Now!  Tricks and Tips to Stay in Your Sweet Spot!  Why should you be happy and how can you attain, maintain and retain that happy mood?  Join us for an informative show filled with fun exercises and shortcuts to your bliss!


July 31, 2013 – Never Make Another Mistake – REALLY!  When you look at all undesired outcomes as life changing lessons rather than mistakes, you will never make another mistake.  Learn the mindset to success and value ever outcome as the one that serves your higher good!


July 24, 2013 – Guest Dr. Gayle Carson, the SOB!  Hold up there, when I say SOB, that is her acronym for spunky old broad.  Dr. Gayle is an amazing life coach who knows how to create abundance at any age.  As a seasoned woman, she balances career, exercise, travel and offers some great advice for us all.


July 17, 2013 – Guest Sharri Stailey, numerologist extraordinaire, explained to us what numerology is and how we can use it to create abundance in our lives.  She gave me a live reading on the air and offered all Believers a FREE reading where you can get your life’s purpose and blueprint!  Find Phoenix Guidance on Facebook, Like it and message Sharri that you heard about her on Believe & Receive Radio.  Give her your contact information and allow her to transform you r life.


July 3 & 10, 2013 – Guest Susan Somerset Webb talks about EFT, tapping, she shares a new view on the Law of Attraction.  If you like hearing new discoveries first, this show is for you!


June 26, 2013 -Guest Kellie Kuecha, the Brand Recoder and branding genius explains how letting the many facets of your diamond shine will attract the people you need at exactly the right time.


 June 19, 2013 – Guest Dr. Yvonne Oswald, MHT, MNLP, MTLT with her award winning Mind Magic technique for releasing negative emotions in less than a minute; this is a do not miss show with amazing techniques to instant improvements in many areas of your life.


June 12, 2013 – The Power of Your Words – Choose and Use Words to Create a Fantastic Future


June 5, 2013 – Welcome to Believe and Receive Radio and How to Develop and Use Gratitude Like a Super Power

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