Transformational Hypnotherapy

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For Success

Fear can be a powerful obstacle, preventing you from achieving anything. Whether it’s for public speaking, manifesting prosperity or gaining confidence hypnosis is there to help and turn fear into excitement in order to reach any goal set before yourself with ease!

  • Public Speaking
  • Life Master
  • Manifesting
  • Prosperity
  • Confidence
  • Clearing Blocks
  • Performance
  • Mastery
  • Motivation

For Emotional Well-Being

Wouldn’t it be great if you could respond rather than react to situations and people in your life, on an emotionally stable and intelligent foundation, every time? You now can when you heal the emotional triggers.

  • Anxiety/ Stress
  • Fear/Phobias
  • Sleep
  • Chakra Cleansing
  • Karma Clearing
  • Relaxation
  • Self-Love
  • Anger/Forgiveness
  • Conflict Resolution
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For Physical Well-Being

If you want to lose weight or manage your pain, hypnotherapy can help. It is a powerful way for you to access what’s going on in the subconscious mind and reframe negative thinking into something more positive that supports your goals.

  • Weight Release
  • Pain Management
  • Hypno-birthing (Childbirth)
  • Dentistry
  • Neuro-Immunology
  • Better Living

For Better Living

Imagine a life in which you are able to maintain a continual flow of abundance, increase your financial resources, amount of love and connection within important relationships with others. Hypnotherapy is the way!

  • Weight Release
  • Smoking Cessation
  • Manifesting
  • Anything
  • Life Mastery
  • Issue Resolution
  • Habit Release
  • Gratitude
  • Forgiveness
  • Clearing Blocks/End Self Sabotage
  • Cleansing for Clearing Blocks/Ending Self-Sabotage
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For Spiritual Growth

Through hypnotherapy, we are able to speak directly with your soul self. We remind the subconscious mind of how valuable and capable you truly are while simultaneously activating it to motivate and inspire you so that these positive changes become habits in your everyday life!

  • Past Life Regressions
  • Life Between Life Regressions
  • Natal Regressions
  • Meditation
  • Out of Body Experiences
  • Dreamwork

Customized Services

You’ll get a customized hypnosis recording that uses your thoughts, words, goals, and dreams to create the perfect recording just for you. Listening every day will help to rewire how you think, creating life-long transformation.

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Group Events

Being in a group environment can spark your creativity and open you up to new understandings. When experiencing events with others, the conversations that ensue lead not only to extraordinary awakenings but also provide great energy for intellectual discussion amongst friends or colleagues alike!

  • Spiritual Movie Nights
  • Manifesting Focused Meditation Circles
  • Weight Loss Master Classes
  • Ho’oponopono Workshops
  • Group Past Life Regressions (Call to have a group meditation for your next spiritual event)
  • Parties & Celebration
  • Spiritual Retreats


Through her various talks and interactive way of engaging a crowd, large or small, Cassi reminds us that peace is found within us all. When you return to your truth- the one thing we all have in common -you’ll experience wellness as well! Cassi’s most requested talks:

  • The 5 Principles of Prosperity
  • Change Your Past, Change Your Future & Love Your Now!
  • The Power of YOU! Tapping Into Your Superpowers!

Enjoy a Spa Day for Your Soul!

Don’t you love a good massage? A day at the spa? Of course you do! Hahaha We feel so much better when we take care of our bodies, right?



Your Soul Spa Day is a 3 to 3 1/2 hour session where we clear the each of the 5 main emotions that keep us moving backwards rather than forwards (like an exfoliation). Then we massage in the truth, through a process that anchors in feelings of well-being, safety, being valued and valuable and worthy. You are taken to “Bliss State” and then we record a hypnosis meditation to imprint your new way of being onto your subconscious mind.

Of course, you get a copy of your hypnosis meditation!

Life Changing Intensives for Emotional Mastery

You may be one of the super elite who knows that creating the right mindset and thought processes is how you create the lifelong habits that will result in lasting change by. The super successful and those most happy in life, know how to think in the empowered way you will learn to think. YOU are committed to laying down a solid foundation by getting that unstoppable mindset that will serve you in all areas of your life and you will do what it takes to ensure you do this right and create a permanent change NOW.

High functioning people understand that if they are going to make the biggest impact possible in the world, they have to be at peak performance. Being physically fit can definitely be an advantage yet being emotionally fit is critical.

This is true for all of us. Learn how you can take a deep dive to create permanent and lasting changes you must make to ensure you are living to your potential and reaping all the benefits life has to offer, with one of our INTENSIVE programs that will have you feeling, doing, and living your best life!

Pricing Information

In-Person Sessions

Hypnotherapy and Past-Life Regressions
$ 200
*Per 2 Hour Session
  • Save 10% on a 3-Session Package! ($540)
  • Save 15% on a 5-Session Package! ($850)
  • Save 20% on a 10-Session Package! ($1600)

Zoom Sessions

Online Hypnotherapy and Past-Life Regressions
$ 175
*Per 2 Hour Session
  • Save 10% on a 3-Session Package! ($475)
  • Save 15% on a 5-Session Package! ($745)
  • Save 20% on a 10-Session Package! ($1400)

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