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International Clinical Hypnotherapist

Cassi Eubank has a strong and enchanting stage presence that will captivate your audience. Cassi shares in such a fun and entertaining way that the “ah-ha” moments just sneak up on you!

Your mind is your most powerful asset and loving ally when you learn to make it your friend. Through her various talks and interactive way of engaging her crowd, large or small, Cassi reminds us of basic truths because she knows that peace, prosperity and wellness are found there and when you return to your truth, you will experience that as well.

As a DTM (distinguished Toastmaster) you know Cassi has training and experience which will ensure the success of your next event when you book for to be part of your success team.

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My Top Requested Talks:

The 5 Principles of Prosperity

Train Your Brain for Rock Star Success

Once you are consistently thinking in terms of possibilities and opportunities, and implement the 5 principles of prosperity, you will find creating the life you desire and deserve is easy and fun.

  • Learn the 5 principles that when applied and practiced, guarantee extraordinary success!
  • Get more done in less time for better results!
  • Use your emotions to gain a secret advantage!
  • Find out what it takes to consistently exceed your goals!

Change Your Past, Change Your Future & Love Your Now!

The Inaccuracy of Memory and how to make that your superpower

Beliefs are formed when we are children from partial information, conclusions, and the opinions of others. These beliefs, whose purpose is to keep us safe, are usually negative beliefs and with each recall, the memories are altered to support these beliefs, which are imprinted as survival strategies.

  • Explore how we can go back and fill in the blanks to form more empowering beliefs!
  • Learn more about confirmation bias and how to use it to your advantage!
  • Discover the link between healing the past, creating extraordinary futures, and being fully present NOW!

You're Making Me Sick!

Heal your thoughts ~ heal the world

You may have heard that your words, even your thoughts are energy. Do you realize that energy is contagious, and when you think, speak, or act in a negative way, that negative energy will make you, AND EVERYONE AROUND YOU, sick! You can heal yourself and the world around you.

  • How the energy of your thoughts works and how. to make it work for you!
  • A secret weapon that will allow you to activate your power to manifest your desires!
  • The one question to ask yourself that will change everything!
  • What to do to experience extraordinary health, happiness, and success!

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