Clarity Brings Success

“The number one reason people don’t get what they want is that they don’t know what they want.”        ~T Harv Eker


When it comes to success, happiness, financial security and most things in life, the more clear you get on what you want and why you want it, the faster you will achieve that goal.


If you are looking for a new home you have to know how many bedrooms and bathrooms you want. Do you want a pool? Do you have special requirements about storage, kitchen space or yard space? If you were to tell a realtor that you want a new house and that is all, it is too vague for them to be able to help you. The clearer you become on the details, the more closely they be able to match you with a home that suits your needs.

Clarity Houses

If you wish to release some extra pounds you have been holding onto, how many pounds do you wish to release and when do you want to be free of that weight? Date it! When you put a date on when you intend to accomplish this goal by, it makes it real.

This is especially true when it comes to financial and career goals. People want to make more money. They want more clients. You may wish for more money and find a dollar on the sidewalk. You may wish for more clients but perhaps you really want clients who are easy to work with that pay on time.


Get clear. How much do you want to make each month? Is it free and clear or is that before taxes? Awesome. Now figure out what your expenses are and how much you will need to bring in to clear the amount you have decided on. Then decide what service or value you will give to others which will allow you to receive the amount you desire. If you are not exactly sure what you will do to earn it yet, that is alright. With total faith that it will happen, the answers and opportunities will come to you.

You also want to get clear on your why. Why do you want to eat better? Is it for your health, so you feel good, so you fit into your old jeans? Do you want more money so you can visit your loved ones who don’t live near? Do you have a charity that you wish to help out financially?

Being clear on what you want and why you want it will cause you to be more motivated, which is important because your motivation level will determine the amount of effort you will put into your goal. It also keeps you excited about achieving the outcome, which will keep you vibrating at the frequency of success and attracting more good things to you!

Are You A Rock Star?


A ROCK STAR is a person who knows they have unique skills and wisdom to offer the world and they are courageous enough to take their stage. A ROCK STAR never settles and always finds a way to get what they want while providing great value to their fans. ROCK STAR’s know that they will achieve super star status when they practice their craft until it looks easy.

Then they just have fun doing what they love to do.

I love the commercial that Intel put out four years ago. It features a man, Ajay Bhatt – co-inventor of the USB, walking into the break room. The other employees stop to stare, the women start to swoon over this rock star in the field of technology.

What does it take to be a rock star in your field and to get rock star results?

It comes from having the right attitude. You get the right attitude from having the right beliefs, or believing in yourself and your abilities. You get a better belief system when you select better thoughts.

This is why the single most important skill you can develop is solution based thinking.

As kids, we have this ability and we tend to be very happy. When we get older, our parents, teacher, friends and other well-meaning people will tell us all about our limitations, and we begin to believe them. So the voice in our head wavers between the voice of our soul, telling us to pursue our passions and live the life we are meant to live, and the voice of doubt telling us not to take chances or risk. We move one step forward and two steps back, staying stuck in the rut of mediocrity. We feel like we are on a hamster wheel, working so hard for so little.


Like all skills that we take the time to practice and strengthen, solution based thinking is the skill that will set you free. When you learn to think in terms of possibilities and opportunities, you will start noticing more opportunities and possibilities. That when you get in this cool zone where the right people and circumstances will always appear right when you need them. Life becomes so much easier, you get much better results for your efforts and you enjoy life more.

When faced with a challenge or issue, acknowledge it and notice what needs your attention. What is the problem? Now move onto the solution and stay there. Do not focus on the problem again. You may wish to also ask, how can this situation be prevented from happening again, yet once that is brought up, turn immediately to solutions.

For more on solution based thinking, look for future articles or ask about my Train Your Brain for Rock Star Success ™ program and how it will change your life.

Rock Stars get to where they are because think about and talk about how to get things done, how to get to where they want to be. If something doesn’t work out, they try it a new way. They keep getting better by practicing and they only take yes for an answer. They find a way to make things happen because that’s all they focus on.

You too can be a rock star in your field. You may be one of many in your field, but there is nobody like you. Courageously take your stage. Find a way to make things happen by staying in the solution. Get so good at what you do, offer so much value, that your clients – or should I say raving fans, will want to induct you, their favorite rock star, in A HALL OF FAME ALL OF YOUR OWN!

Get Good at One Thing ~ Repeat

If you want to become a successful entrepreneur, there are many things you will need to learn. I love working with women wo are beginners or boomers that want more out of life and are willing to do what it takes, even though they are not yet sure what it will take. They are brave women who are courageous enough to take action despite the doubts of others as well as self-doubt. When I work with women entrepreneurs who are just getting in the game, overwhelm can set in and it can be easy to get discouraged because there is so much to do.

One of the biggest mistakes that a new entrepreneur can do is trying to do it all… at once.

I took a business mastery course where I learned a lot. During one of the online classes we were being told we need to be on Facebook to connect, set up LinkedIn and get active there, probably Twitter, start blogging, do videos and out them on Youtube, then share to your social media, write a free eBook to give away on your website, make sure you have great pictures, come up with a funnel, write a speech… you get the idea.


The faint of heart would wilt before they finished hearing the list. When it was Q&A time, I pointed out that there are only so many hours in a day, what is most important and what should be done first?


I was told they were all important and we had to do them all.




The truth? Start with one thing, get good at it and when it is easy to do, repeat.

If your goal is to learn five new languages so you can become a foreign ambassador, you would not take five languages courses at once! It would get way too confusing and you would not do well at any of them.

On Air sign glowing, reflecting light on a radio studio broadcast panel.

It is the reason I am developing a great radio program, My Success Zone Radio. I used the word “developing” for a reason. Since I have done three radio shows in the past, two on AM radio and one on the internet, it would be easy for me to not pay attention to details.

For example, not to point out my flaws, but… when the introduction was recorded, it ran the full 30 seconds, as does the music I use in the background. While this is acceptable, I know it would sound just a little better – more pleasing for my listeners – if there was a second or two of music before my voice over guy begins and a second or two after his finishes speaking. So I just paid to have it redone.

  1. I was hosting My Success Zone Radio on Blogtalk and found a better solution (better financially as well as a much better SEO choice). So I am taking the time to switch it.
  2. I’m automating the notifications and posters that are shared on social media so others will know about and be able to benefit from the great interviews.
  3. I am creating a place where those in my inner circle will be able to listen to replays for some time before they are archived.

I have many other fun projects coming up, yet I know that I want to keep my focus here until all the details are taken care of. When you learn to really focus, it happens quickly.

Get Good

The point is, I invite you to consider getting really good at one thing. It will build your confidence and your motivation. With practice, things do get easier and when it becomes natural and effortless, you can conquer the next step, bridging the gap between where you are and where you want to be rather than running around trying to do it all and not doing anything well.

How Confident Are You?

Cassi Eubank
Confidence and Self-Esteem Diagnostic

Confidence and self-esteem are two of the most valuable assets you can have. Not only does it determine the degree of success you enjoy, the quality of your relationships, and how healthy you are, it also determines whether you will live a life worth living. I stress this because you are given so many gifts and opportunities in life and if you don’t have the confidence to go for it or the self-esteem that tells you that you deserve it, you will have been given an extraordinary life only to have settled for so much less than you are meant to have. It is your right, actually I will be so bold as to say your RESPONSIBILITY to live a fulfilling, meaningful life and not squander one precious moment of it. The great news is you CAN develop this skills that will allow you to create the life you deserve.

Take this 5 minute diagnostic to see where you are now and be sure to join our FREE community at and visit often. We are a community who recognizes the importance of self-love and confidence in ourselves and our children. You will find techniques, meditations, freebies each week and mostly, that you are not alone. TOGETHER we will build each other up to our highest potential and shine our lights brightly.

Rate your agreement with the statement by entering:
1 = Never true
2 = Occasionally
3 = Sometimes
4 = Often
5 = Yep, that’s me!

When you make a mistake, you play it over and over again in your mind.
You don’t always voice your opinion because you feel others know more than you or may think you are foolish.
When someone gives you a compliment, you minimize it by giving credit to the dress or your clothes for making you look good.
You stay in bad relationships that have adverse effects on you, long after you know it is time to leave.
You sometimes feel you don’t deserve to be happy.
You have difficulty expressing yourself in a group of people you don’t know well.
You find it hard to say “NO” to people when face to face?
It takes you a long time to forgive yourself for things.
You feel uncomfortable asking for a raise or promotion at work.
If you do poorly at something, you feel it is because you are inadequate.
You earn a trip to Mexico for doing a great job at work. You tell people you are lucky rather than feeling pleased that you earned it.
You get nervous when you walk into a room of people by yourself.
When you meet new people you are not sure what to say.
You feel like other people are doing better than you am in life.
If you are given criticism, you respond right away to defend yourself.
You feel you need to explain the reasons for your choices to people.
You tend to be a perfectionist.
You back down during disagreements to appease the other person.
You have poor posture.
You compare yourself to others.
1 – 25 You seem to have a lot of confidence and a strong sense of self. If you ever need a boost of encouragement, please join us in the Confidence Zone at

26 – 45 Although you are confident, the doubts sometimes take over. Mastering your thoughts so you can make choices with confidence will make you feel better about yourself and bring you the greatest success of all; a life you love living. We welcome you into our group to gain more of what you already have and share your resources with our members in the Confidence Zone at

46 – 70 You are not alone. You can have a life where your heart is full of happiness because you are free from that nagging voice of doubt, fear and regret. There are reasons we develop doubts and fears and there are ways to dispel them as well. Investing the time to cultivate these skills will bring you that elusive feeling of sheer joy that comes when you know that everything is going your way! Claim the life you are meant to have by joining us now in the Confidence Zone at

71 – 100 Sometimes it can feel so lonely, but it doesn’t have to. It’s not your fault and you are not alone. The Confidence Zone has real solutions for real people and others who know what you are going through. You deserve so much more than being a prisoner to your thoughts of mediocrity. You have so much value and are capable of great things. Let us share what works for us and different ways that will make you more confident and excited about creating the lifestyle that you deserve and are meant to have. Meet us in the Confidence Zone at now.

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