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The things a person sees as a trauma worker can be horrific – people mangled in car accidents, burned in fires, victims of violent crimes shot or stabbed – and even terrible things happening to children.

The pain, anguish, and images of broken bodies – and lives that ended too soon and too violently – leave scars on First Responders, Emergency Department personnel and Law Enforcement Officers dealing with dangerous people and situations.

These traumas that your emergency workers experience can cause PTSD, job burn out, anger issues, feelings of guilt, anxiety and overwhelm – as well as high divorce rates, depression and even suicide or suicidal thoughts.

THEY ARE OUR HEROES, and they deserve to live better, free of the negative thoughts and emotions that can overcome them, sending them in a downward spiral.

What if there was a way to erase the effects of all the suffering you and your people have been through, processing trauma as it occurs and being better able to deal with the fierce emotional demands of your job?

How much better would employee retention, job performance, and overall morale be if your people had the skills to cope better, reduce situational anxiety and feel good about their victories?


QUANTUM EYE MOVEMENT THERAPY® uses a combination of therapies, combined into a powerful technique that allows you to process past traumas which will bring you more inner peace and outer focus. Your teams will be given tools that will keep them feeling good about their job and their lives. More importantly, they will be able to process traumas as they occur, rather than keeping them bottled up inside until something has to give!

The Eye Movement Therapy that this process is created around uses the same principles used in EMDR.

EMDR – or eye movement desensitization and reprocessing – is a highly successful form of psychotherapy in which the person being treated recalls distressing experiences while doing bilateral stimulation.

There are many studies showing the effectiveness of EMDR in even the most extreme traumas.

You might be interested to know that studies by the EMDR Institute, Inc. reveal that 84% – 90% of single trauma victims no longer have PTSD after just three 90 minute sessions.

Quantum Eye Movement Therapy® builds upon EMDR and can be even more effective.

In this easy to achieve, relaxed state, caused by the eye movement, you connect with the perceptions that are causing you to hold on to trauma, and create a new picture with healthier perspectives. This allows you to transform the negative, and sometimes toxic thoughts and emotions into positive and empowering outlooks.

Add a powerful NLP – or neuro linguistic programming – technique to the process, and you have the perfect triad of methods to pull someone out of a downward spiral and into a healthier, more productive way of living an impactful life of contribution.

You give your team the equipment they need to gain successful outcomes. Vehicles, tools, medications…

They also need to feel relief now – and to have the tools to deal with the emotional aspect of this courageous and demanding job.

We teach these powerful tools to your group and customize the number of individual sessions you wish each valued team member to have. You know your house, and we allow you to create a program that will best serve your people.

Your heroes give their all. Don’t you feel they deserve to feel good about their work and their life so that they can fully engage, perform better, and have peace of mind – even in the most challenging situations?

By now you know that there is a better way for your team to process their traumas and deal with the anxiety and stress of the job.

By now you know that this system will work, allowing your people to function, feel and do better.

Say yes, to your team, to your community, to yourself – let’s get together to create the perfect program for your family of heroes now!

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Trauma Healing International Is the Solution

Trauma Healing International is an organization dedicated to supporting people working in fields of trauma to heal from past traumas and learn how to effectively process on going traumatic situations so they can stay emotionally well. We also share new skills our first responders can use on the job, offering these tools to the victims they work with.

Through education, use of the most powerful psychological tools, and an innovated technique called Quantum Eye Movement Therapy®, we guide trauma workers in processing the horrific things they experience, allowing them to have a happier, healthier perspective on their lives and in the workplace.

Our passion is to serve firefighters, first responders, law enforcement officials, emergency department workers and veterans in managing the stress of their careers as well as giving them additional tools to make their jobs easier while offering more to the people and victims they dedicate their lives to.


Our Mission at Trauma Healing International

Restore emotional wellness to trauma workers and victims while provide the tools needed to maintain peace of mind when dealing with on-going trauma.

Our Vision at Trauma Healing International

Our vision is to share processes and tools with trauma workers around the world that will enable them to handle trauma without it effecting their emotional wellness and assist victims in dealing with the trauma they are going through. It is our intention and desire to create a world where trauma workers and victims of trauma are empowered to overcome the emotional suffering of the traumas they see and go through.  

Core Values of Trauma Healing International

Integrity: We plan every action we take with integrity and the best interest of our clients is at the forefront of every decision.

Respect: We treat all people with respect, seeing them as perfect whole and complete until they see themselves that way as well.

Compassion: Each person we work with is given compassion and understanding so they know and feel like they are in a safe zone when working with us.

Learning: We are committed to continued education so we can offer the most cutting-edge processes, methods, and modalities for emotional healing.

Innovation: We embrace and strive for continuous improvement, in our outcomes with those we work with, our methods of creating transformations, and our corporation, through bold creativity and careful attention to details.

Treatment for Trauma

Trauma Toolkit

Trauma Healing International uses the most cutting-edge psychological techniques to ensure the best results in the shortest amount of time. QEMT, or Quantum Eye Movement Therapy, is an innovative and revolutionary process that allows people who have experienced trauma, to process the trauma and release the negative effects that could otherwise lead to PSTD, anxiety, depression or worse. To learn more about the process, and how necessary as well as effective it is, please watch the short 4-and-a-half-minute video below. 

Trauma Healing International offers assessments and group pricing for your family of heroes. Programs can be customized to meet the needs of your organization, from number of sessions per team member to customized recordings that can be used over and over again.

The Trauma Toolkit gives your first responders and emergency team psychological tools to help the victims they work with stay calm, which makes them an easier patient. Your people will also learn techniques to help burn victims, heart-attack victims, children who dealing with traumatic experiences, pain control, panic attacks and more.

 You give your people the physical tools they need to do the best job possible, the cars, safety gear, medical supplies. Now you can offer them psychological tools that will enhance and expand their expertise. Having these tools will allow your team to manage and process the trauma they experience as they engage in the most challenging and often heart-breaking jobs that a person could choose. Our HEROES deserve to have all the tools they need to live better and do their job better.

Trauma Healing International Works Because QEMT Works!

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