The Compassion Cure

It’s a normal reaction to get upset when we are treated poorly, spoken harshly to or when others are doing things that affect us adversely. Please note, I said it was a normal REACTION, with the emphasis on reaction.

When someone says or does something that makes us feel not good about ourselves, and we react from a place of emotion, we are taking action based on how we feel because we are taking the actions of another personally. When we do, the filter of the emotions this causes will cloud our vision, often resulting in the actions you take not leading to a good result.

Better actions, better results. Better results, better life.

Dont Take It Personally

Sometimes advice is easier said than done, and that is certainly true of the idea of not taking things personally. After all, to change any long standing habit, takes time and the right tools. In this case, one tool which will make a significant difference rather quickly is compassion.

Compassion is the ability to be sympathetic and understanding of the situation another being is experiencing.

Often, when we know someone is going through a challenging time, we are more compassionate and easily forgive poor behavior. The reason it is easy to do so is because we are not taking their behavior personally. Since we know what they are up against, we understand it has nothing to do with us and forgiveness comes naturally.

What about when someone we do not know behaves poorly towards us? Or someone we do know when we are unaware that they are facing extreme challenges. We have no idea what they are going through so we tend to not give the benefit of the doubt. We react because we have allowed the actions of others to create negative thoughts and those negative thoughts do not feel good.

When we keep in mind that everyone is going through something, and act with compassion even when we do not know what the other’s personal challenges are, it frees us. We do not have to shake off any negative or feelings or emotions because, through selecting thoughts of compassion and forgiveness, you never have those feelings to begin with. It will even raise your vibrational energy because you are acting congruently with who you really are, a loving, caring, compassionate soul.

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