TOGETHER – A Bonding Experience

Yes, I have a new “Signature Move”. Hahaha

Today I will share with you a bonding exercise that I have begun to do at all my events. I just had the launch party to celebrate the release of my new book, Diary of an Ugly last Saturday and I introduced this fun project, a project that I have plans to take across the nation first, then global.

Okay, slow down, I am not going to put you to work. TOGETHER is my theme because I know that TOGETHER we can do great things and TOGETHER we can make a real difference. After I wrote my book, I realized that for it to have value, it must be read. The more people that read this book, the more value I can give people. Yet, alone, I can only reach a few, together we can share ways to deal with others and stay confident in ourselves when people and situations are not being kind to us.

I love the quote my friend Betsy shared with me recently. “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” It is an African proverb with a lot of truth in the words.

As a way to illustrate what we can so and create together, I came up with the “signature move”. I have a blank journal and I write a single sentence. I then give the journal to a guest and ask them to write one to five sentences to further the story I have started. The first guest will write their name in the back of the book when they make their first entry, then pass the journal to the next guest, giving them the opportunity to add one to five sentences to keep the story going, adding their name in the back.

The journal will be passed around throughout the event. Guests can add as many entries as they wish with the intent that everyone adds at least one sentence to the story.

A day or two after the event, I will add an ending and type the book up. When I post the story, I will be sure to credit each author.

This is a great exercise to show people what we can create together as well as a great bonding experience!

l share with you the results of this project from my party. I am very pleased to share TOGETHER: The Magical Story We Wrote Together.

Once upon a time, in a land far, far away, was a magical, enchanted forest.

A beautiful maiden was strolling down the path in the forest, admiring all the beauty around her. There were butterflies and pixies dancing together. Gorgeous flowers were wafting their scent, creating the most heavenly tickle in her nose.

Along the way, she encountered a magical fairy, who lit up the path she was traveling and sprinkled her with pixie dust to keep her safe from any harmful creatures in the forest. She dreamed about the wonderful people she would meet along her way.

However, she also knew she would have to discover her way through the Path of Enlightenment. There might be some danger along the way, but with the help of the magical fairy and the pixie dust, she knew she would persevere.

The beautiful maiden named Hope, knew if she believed in herself, good things would follow. But Hope also knew the dangers of being careless so she proceeded with caution –

And then she met Lil Man, the little mini horse, a healer who traveled all the way from the West Coast of the Magical City of Light & Love. He was sent to find Hope and light her way.

Hope had hope and now she was going to find “faith”. Faith in herself, people and the world! Faith, too, can be magical; it can weather a storm, calm thoughts and be a “friend”. She never really knew the true meaning of faith until she searched her heart and promised to hold true to herself and have faith in herself –

And of course, because of her giving heart, she knew she needed charity. The kind of kindness – charity that extended to everyone. Most of all, to those who gave her pause. Those who made her stop and question herself. She also knew she needed to stop and extend that charity to herself as often as possible.

Hope was looking for a place that she could call home. A place that would resonate with her soul. She was told that she must find the “light”.

Hope searched and searched, moving forward and looking backwards, looking for the light. Finally she realized she already had it – the light was inside her soul already!

With the light glowing inside, the maiden continued through the enchanted forest, spreading her light of faith, hope and charity everywhere she went.
Feeling sleepy, the maiden decided to sit for a short while under a tree. Sitting in the soft grass, she felt a sharp edge by her hand. She began to dig by the tree, and magically, a beautiful golden box came out of the grass next to her.

The box was opened by her slowly, as she wondered what it contained. But it was empty inside and she realized at that moment that it could be filled with whatever her heart desired. She thought about what she wanted.

A loving heart of someone to share her life with. The thought of sharing this magical time with another loving heart made her very joyful. A family of her own. She remembered the touch of her daughter long gone because of a man who emptied that box long ago. But now, today it all changes. Today she could fill that box with new hopes and dreams with loving memories of the past resonating in her heart.

She returned home to spread the happy news that y embracing your inner strength and believing in yourself that life can be a beautiful and rewarding adventure.

The maiden went out in the neighborhood and started knocking on every door to share her experience. Everyone joined hands in the middle of the street, saying how happy they were to be part of such an amazing group of people and how empowering this experience was.

The news spread across the city of how happy everyone was and now, neighborhood circles are forming throughout the state and the entire country.

What everyone has learned, through this one maiden’s magical journey, is that we are not complete without each other. Joining together in love and harmony and raising each other up allows us all to be elevated. When we share our hopes and dreams, we also share our victories and celebrations. TOGETHER we can do great things and TOGETHER we can make a real difference!

THE END (for now)

Written by:
Cassi Eubank
Shirley Grosor
Sherrie Gottesman
Kelly Salazar
Diane Jellen
Arleen Roberts
Fay Wilmont
Marion Holmes
Kathy Gallagher
Diane Diamantis
Diane Chapman
Sharon Maupin
Wayne Filowitz
Ziara Dannenfeiser
Karrie Klimas


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