Transcended Souls Mega Mastermind


The Transcended Souls Mega Mastermind Alliance is a social group designed to provide a spiritually centered environment to heal, grow and prosper. Created with the knowledge that mind, body and soul is best nourished as one, we will connect to spirit and each other as we unravel personal, professional and life mysteries. Through meditation, energy healing, topics on health and masterminding, we will tap into that feel good vibe that will allow us to create and manifest great things. Through positive, solution focused thinking and joining together, we will transform our thoughts, transcend our way of life and attract the life we desire and deserve with ease and grace.

Transcended Souls is more than a networking group. We are a CommUNITY.

We gather for fun business meetings where you learn the things important to you from expert speakers and we feature and spotlight our own members as we surround them with love and encouragement. Transcended Souls also focuses on having fun at social events and making life-long connections. Whether you like to dance, enjoy edible art classes, engage in healthy cooking classes, enjoy tea with your friends or pot luck dinners or picnics, you will love the places we go and the things we do. What matters most is our members and we have a strong commitment to your education through webinars and teleconferences. Featuring members of our commUNITY and top rated experts in their field gives you the advantage of learning by listening to others as well as having a safe place to gain exposure for yourself. There is a “Vault of Knowledge” where videos and teleconference recording will be available to all members in case you are not able to make it on the scheduled date.

But wait… there’s more! We also know the importance of masterminding and how it gives us a place to test and expand upon our ideas. This is of great value because we will not spend time on ideas that are not going to fly and we will get better ideas to make our great ideas fly faster and further than we could have imagined alone. We have the added resources and knowledge of our new support team, which is priceless. We have a valued group that we are accountable to, which is important because those who are held accountable get more done in less time. Please feel free to check out all the reason this is a great decision on your part on our Transcended Souls Mega Mastermind Benefits Page. It will detail what makes us different than other groups and how being part of our CommUNITY will make a big difference in your degree of happiness, wholeness, and prosperity in all you do.

Our mission is to connect with spirit and each other, to rise above the illusion of human limitations to transcend our souls and our lives, thus allowing us to manifest our dreams and prosper abundantly with ease and grace.


Registration coming soon…

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Clinical and Transpersonal Hypnotherapist Cassi Eubank is an international speaker, author and visionary who focuses on using the power of your mind to manifest your ultimate life. Her studies in psychology, clinical and transpersonal hypnotherapy, neuro linguistics as well as the time she has spent studying with Deepak Chopra, Tony Robbins, Dr. Wayne Dyer, Jack Canfield, Bob Burg and other great minds, allows Cassi to guide you to positive and powerful transformations in any area of your life. It is her passion and mission to empower as many people as possible with the gift of learning their value and living their ultimate life. Cassi understands that you have the ability to become beyond invincible when you learn to harness the power of your subconscious mind. More than anything, she loves guiding others back to their soul self, where you can tap into the infinite field of possibilities and make anything happen. Once reconnected with your soul self, you will feel incredible and at peace as you shift into alignment with your purpose and passion in life, allowing you the freedom to do, have or be anything that brings you joy.

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