Woot Woot! Yay! It’s week four. You are doing fantastic!!!!!!

I know you are already feeling better and seeing better results in all areas of your life, and I am thrilled for you!

This week we are going to add a few more tools to your toolbox and set up your personal plan of action.

Fun Work

In the Train Your Brain Success Guide, you will find charts to track your progress and keep you motivated. Feel free to buy gold stars and apply them. It makes it more fun. You will also find detailed instructions on setting up your chart, reviewing what we went over in the video.

Download the TYB 4 Success Chart here.

You may wish to download and print the doc for Linguistic Resourcing and Cartesian Coordinates as well as the doc that has the script for the Meta Model III.

I am also placing all the meditations you have had access to, as well as a couple new ones, here on this page so you will be able to access them all from one place.

Gratitude Activation Meditation

Release of Doubt Meditation

***NEW*** Chakra Clearing Hypnosis Meditation

***NEW*** I Am Success Meditation

7 Day Belief Meditation Day 1

7 Day Belief Meditation Day 2 ~ Gratitude

7 Day Belief Meditation Day 3 ~ Stillness

7 Day Belief Meditation Day 4 ~ Divine Health

7 Day Belief Meditation Day 5 ~ True Wealth

7 Day Belief Meditation Day 6 ~ Well-Being

7 Day Belief Meditation Day 7 ~ Empowering Beliefs

You are AWESOME! Keep shining your light bright!

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