Harnessing Energetic Alignment and Spiritual Synchronicity to

Train Your Brain for Rock Star Success

Transform Your Thoughts ~ Transcend Your Life

through the

5 Principles of Prosperity


  • Is there a voice inside that tells you that you were meant for something more?
  • Have you thought lately, “Life is pretty good, but there are dreams I put aside and sometimes I feel like I have let myself down because of it.”
  • Do you feel like you don’t have enough money to do the things you want to?


If that sounds like you, you are not alone.

You start out with high hopes and big dreams in life. And as you progress in your life journey, the things others say to you and your experiences create beliefs that limit you and keep you from reaching your true potential. For a while, you listen to the voice that tells you that where you are is good enough and to ignore the desires of your soul. The voice of doubt will tell you things that will make you feel bad about the natural yearning to grow, be more, do more and have more. It will tell you that you want too much, you should be grateful and abandon your dreams, even though you know your dreams are the heart of your soul.

Even if you can’t put a name to it or have buried your emotions about it, the feeling of being out of energetic alignment and not feeling spiritual synchronicity leave you feeling off. When you listen to the voice of doubt, you feel bad and you know that life is supposed to be a joyous journey.

But how can you listen to the voice of reason if you can’t even hear it over the monkey chatter that the voice of doubt produces to keep you distracted from living a life true to yourself?



I know how you feel, because there was a time when I felt the same way. I always had an uncanny way of producing success in all I set out to do and was a chronically “happy” person. Things were usually great in my world! Then a life event required me to take on some things out of necessity rather than pure choice and for the first time in my life, I understood what it meant to be unhappy.  It was then that I realized that mindset was everything and the reason my life had always been great before, was because I had inadvertently been using 5 principles that allowed me to be prosperous in my finances, success in career choices, relationships and my total love for life.

In my new circumstances, however, I had allowed negativity to creep in and it wasn’t long before it took its toll and I found myself confused and completely out of line with my truth and authentic self.  I was no longer certain what I wanted and why I wanted it.  Can you relate?

There is a Way Back to an Easier Life

As I charted a new course and took notes along the journey, I realized that brain chemistry can change rapidly and I was on a mission to change it back so I could be the happy person I once was. I vowed to never return to the place where I was settling for less than I deserved because I had believed that nonsense when my mind told me that it was okay. I knew I had to not just help myself get out of the situation but to create a roadmap that would allow me to help guide others to finding their way back to the lives they DESERVE AND WERE MEANT TO LIVE as well. While creating this roadmap, I noticed there were 5 distinct principles that guide how prosperous you were in all areas of your life. These principles, when applied, would lead to CERTAIN SUCCESS in anything you set out to accomplish.  It is kind of like having a magic genie lamp when you practice these principles and imprint them on a cellular level. You become AMAZING at manifesting exactly what you want quickly and easily!



It’s all about limiting beliefs and perceptions…

Your brain is an amazing organ and subconsciously controls 95% of what you do.  That’s why it’s important to understand that you need to address both the subconscious and conscious mind and that’s exactly why I’m going to teach you in my

Train Your Brain for Rock Star Success

Your 5 week online INTERACTIVE study course to learn and practice the

5 Principles of Prosperity that will Transcend Your Life


Once you implement what you will learn in my Train Your Brain for Rock Star Success Course you will:  

CheckEnjoy peace of mind, rising above and being transcended of those old limiting beliefs

CheckEasily and effortlessly achieve greater levels of success

Check Develop habits of excellence in all you do

 CheckGet laser focused on what you want

 CheckAchieve your goals faster and easier than ever before

 CheckTransform the way you think and transcend your entire life

 CheckAttract opportunities and situations that will allow you greater success and happiness

 CheckFeel spiritually connected and in energetic alignment with your path and purpose in life

 CheckMake successful choices as easily as you walk or breathe

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Feel Confident in Your Decisions as

You Rapidly Move Towards Your Goals

By learning how your brain works, you can make your brain work for you. I will introduce you to some illusions that will have you rethinking the way you perceive things. Once you are open the seeing things in a new way, you will be free to make the choices that will serve you and move you rapidly towards your goals.

Once you open up to new possibilities, we explore these and you have the opportunity to mastermind with the group. Once you get clear on the “what you want”, we will be there to offer ideas on the “how to get it”.

Step by Step Guidance through Experiential Exercises

With interactive and experiential exercise, the lessons you will be guided through in the workshop will really take hold, beginning to imprint their message on a cellular level.

 OmResolve your past and develop a deep love, understanding and compassion for yourself

 OmDevelop courage and confident to step into your best life possible

 OmDissolve beliefs that cause hesitation and doubt

 OmSupercharge your beliefs that will allow you to live life fully and abundantly

 OmFeel tranquility and serenity as you become energetically aligned in spiritual synchronicity

 OmFeel confident about your path when you have the clarity of purpose on your side

 OmPossibilities and opportunities become abundant

 OmVibrate at the frequency of love, gratitude, prosperity and success

 OmBecome brilliant at manifesting anything you desire

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What your investment in yourself &

Transcend Your Life ~ Train Your Brain for Rock Star Success will deliver:

 Check5 weekly online, interactive classes with a group of bright entrepreneurs

 CheckMembership in Elite Facebook Community grow with other transcending souls

  Check“Caption This” Experiential Guide – Rewrite your past and come to love and appreciate yourself on a whole new level

CheckConfidence Building Practice book – fun ways to play your way to confidence

 CheckWord Watching Guide – Become aware of your words and thoughts and start shifting them

 CheckRelease Meditation

 CheckGratitude Activation Guide – a proven system to activate and keep you vibrating at the frequency that will attract all the wonderful things you want in your existence

Check 6 minute Gratitude Activation Meditation

 CheckChanging Your Beliefs Guide – Reframing your thoughts to create empowering beliefs

 CheckCreating Powerful Incantations that Will Work for You

 Check“What If” Journal

Check ABC System to develop the same solution based thinking that all successful people need to achieve massive goals quickly and easily

CheckLinguistic Resourcing, Cartesian Coordinates and other NLP’s best techniques

 CheckQuestions for Clarity Guide

Check “Playground of Your Imagination” self-Discovery Meditation – connect with your passion to find your purpose in this fun meditation that you will want to revisit often

Check Prosperity Planning Guide

Check Success Meditation Series


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