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Why I Am the Best Person for This Talk

The reason I became a clinical hypnotherapist is because I know how important it is to feel great, live life fully and completely, and create extraordinary experiences and outcomes in your life. Over the years in my practice, people share their deepest secrets and darkest thoughts. The stories they have created about themselves are untrue and unkind and is the root of most despair.


 I am blessed to be able to transform my clients, so when they imagine their future, tell themselves empowering stories about what is to come, and then make that fiction into their new reality. When people can transform the way they think, not only do they have much better outcomes in life, but they instantly turn on the good juju and start getting their happy on NOW!


Through my TEDx Dania Beach talk, it is my intention to transform how your audience thinks about their future, so that we can individually and collectively create a future that is extraordinary for all of us, as we begin thinking in terms of possibilities and immerse ourselves in the good juju our high vibe thoughts will bring us!

I am Good for You TEDx Dania Beach…

I have been preparing to take a TEDx stage for years. From taking the Official TED Speaking course, reading everything Chris Anderson, watching several TEDx talks a week and dedicating hours every week to hone my speaking skills, I continually work on improving my impact, delivery, audience connection, and crafting my storytelling. Now, with an idea and way to present it that truly is TED worthy, I am ready, as a speaker.

I am also ready on another important front. Having run events for the Transcended Souls for years where the success of our events depended on having interesting and compelling speakers, not only am I am fun, informative, seasoned speaker, but I know how to be an asset in every way.

I am committed to dedicating my time and resources to delivering a talk that will stick with people for all their lives, I am also dedicated to promoting your event and enhancing your vision for this event. I have created a spreadsheet checklist to ensure that I promote your event, your speakers, and your volunteer and sponsorship opportunities across my social media platforms with a reach of over 25,000 people. I am prepared for success, mine and YOURS!

Keynote Speaker Cassi Eubank at the Conscious Co-Op Gala

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